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new 2 way pager alarm remote start

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hi selling these alarms...for my brother..a few people pulled out of the group buy and now he is stuck with 4 of these alarms.

EDIT:Sold another one..2 left now.

Note-these lcd remotes are electro luminescent backlit,not led, so the blacklight is constant unlike led where it is inconsistent.

these remotes are of high quality you get what you pay for.

alarms and specs can be viewed here.


Just want to get rid of them so asking for $350 each firm, which is the price that was paid for them through the group buy.

they are brand new with warranty etc.

In Melbourne..let me know if any1s interested


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taken from the link..it works for me..so not sure whats going on..neway heres the features etc..

I have just had one of these puppies installed a few weeks back and I am stoked! I got a group buy price fo all my mates, they are moving them pretty quick, So if anyone is interested post up quick. By the way, I got $12 off my insurance with RACQ (like NRMA) for having this installed, and because it has the whole passive arming feature.

Here is the list of features:

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Keyless entry without pressing the button of remote control

Ignition auto-door lock/unlock

Car driver paging

Trunk release support

Personal system set-up on the remote control,silence/shock sensor

Wide, Indiglo illuminated remote control LCD screen

Keypad lock for remote control buttons

Automatic diagnostics of the system's status

Battery low warning

Built-in central power door lock relay

Passive door lock

Alarm features

Arming and disarming

Door open sensing

Shock sensing

Start disable in arming status (immobilizer)


Passive arming

Hidden alarm

Variable Shock sensor, controlled via remote.

Beep sounds and icon won't flashes on the LCD screen when the system is triggered

LCD screen illumination when the system is triggered

Emergency panic alarm

Engine start features:

Remote engine start

Cold weather start- will attempt to start 3 times, if first attempt failed ans 2nd attempt will occur 1.5 later. If the engine does not start agin a third and final attempt will occur 2 seconds later ,if still failed

Convenience features

Automatic door lock/unlock

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