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Toyo DSC0 II - Any good?

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I just got some of thes 235/40/R18 put on my car yesterday because that's what the tyre shop recommended.

I asked "Are these any good?" and he just replied "Yeh! They're Toyo"

Now I was wandering if it was a good buy? And if these will do me for some 1/4 mile racing.

They were $260 each.

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usually when u ask a sales person is it anygood 90% of the time they'll say "yeh! They're Toyo":D

im shopping around for tyres too and il probably go for some yokohama's cause the place that i go to and trust with my suspension are distributors of them, so when i ask them the same question im sure theyre gonna say "yeh! Theyre Yoko's"...LOL

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