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Which engines are easier to modify - RB25DET or S15 200SX's?

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I was reading on another website that indicated that a 200SX is easier to get power out of than a WRX. I would have thought they would be similar.

Secondly, how do they each compare to getting power out of a RB25DET?

Also, does the computer severly limit the amount of power you can get out of a RB25DET. This is what a tuner told me and proceeded to try and sell me a new computer for $3k (installed). He told me that the std computer will limit the boost and keep the mixture rich.

Any comments.

If this has been done before, just ignor me.


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the sr20 is defiently power productive compared to a wrx . particularly a s15 as they have a great platform to start from such as large t28 turbo , some of which are ball bearing , 440cc injectors , larger afm , vvt . However the s13 sr20 engines suffer a bit from a lack of the above .

the rb25 is certainly no problem to modify , a power fc full replacement computer can be purchased for just over $1000 and you should see 200rwkw with that and the usual exhaust and intercooler mods . Both engines factory ecus will have problems with large amounts of extra power from mods . Best to get it out of the way as soon as possible .

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very very similar in term of power output.

once it goes to aftermarket turbo, 2.5 is always better than 2L

But u don't need as much for a S15 to run fast as they are 200kg lighter

what computer yr tuner ask u to buy? 3K sounds he want to rip u off, list yr mod on Force induction section and they will tell u what do next.

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