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braided fuel line?


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my care has been running really crappy lately. ive changed the fuel pump and filter and it still is run poorly.

anyway, ive noticed a leak in my engine bay (yes i know its not safe so i havent driven it in about 2 weeks). when i took my dad up the road about 100m away and drove back i looked under the hood and the leak was pretty big, there was fuel dripping out at a constant pace. i wiggled the hose around and the car stalled. when i turned the car back on it had the same symptoms as the car had in the past when running rough

the hose i am speaking about is the one which runs from the fuel filter to the manidold.

anyway i was wondering if fitting a braided fuel line will do anything? i have chopped about an inch off the standard hose and didnt find a leak so i dont know what it could be. i dont think the hose has any holes in it so i dont understand where the leak would be coming from

can anyone offer a suggestion?

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