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600hp HKS R33 GTR

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Hi everyone,

My GTR is up forsale. Ive held onto it for 4 years now and its time to move on. Everything that should be and could be modified for a street driven GTR has been done. Purchased it of HKS Kansai Japan. All receipts, service and original books come with the car. A quick calculation on mods total over $50,000.

Selling price is $59,500.

Dynoed (as seen in pics) in November, 580-600hp with 1.2bar and the current setup. More possible but I have been happy with the lower boost levels.

Please see link below for further details.

The car is in storage in Adelaide as I am not in the country, so please only serious enquiries only or my friend will be upset for the constant hassles!! :headspin:

I can be contacted on: k_alberto21@ hotmail.com

Thank you. :)



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As requested, here are the specs:

R33 SKYLINE GTR 1995 Model modified and purchased from HKS Kansai Japan in 2000. www.kansaiss.co.jp

Car has 45,000kms with books and receipts of all modifications.

[email protected]. Ran 11.98et @ 0.9bar! Never ran at 1.2 bar. Rarely driven. Personally purchased and imported from a HKS Dealer Mechanic in Japan. Serviced every 5,000km with Mobil 1.

Brand new Goodyear Revspec tyres. Just serviced & dynoed as per photo on 7/11/04 producing 580hp-600hp @ only 1.2bar.

Twin plate clutch is 3,000kms old. Gearbox was also overhauled with new bearing and Redline oil with the replacement of the clutch.

Engine under 10,000kms rebuilt by REMAC Motors with N1 parts and larger Pistons. www.rhemac.com.au

Majority modifications:


HKS KANSAI 80A/F Meter (Z32),

HKS GT2530 Turbine, HKS GT Manifold,

NISMO Turbo Pipe, NISMO Front Pipe,

TANABE Racing Medallion Muffler,

HKS 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket,

HKS Engine Gasket Kit,

HKS Step 2 Camshaft (in264/out264),

HKS Cam Pulley Adjusters,

TOMEI Valve Springs,

NISMO N1 Pistons (0.5 larger),


SARD 555cc Injectors,

CUSCO Oil Catch Can,

HKS EVC III Boost Controller,

HKS Oil Cooler,

HKS Remote Oil Filter Kit,

HKS Intercooler

HKS Intercooler Piping,

YOSHIO FACTORY 3 Core Radiator,

NISMO Thermostat,

NISMO Twin Plate Clutch,

NISMO Pivot Stud,

HKS Kansai Attessa Conroller,

OHLINS Racing Suspension,

NISMO Circuit Link & Bushes,

NISMO Engine Mounts,

HKS Kansai Alloy Suspension Links,

AVS Model 5 (19x10 F/R),

GOODYEAR RevSpec 275/30/19,

NISMO 320 Speedo Meter (white),

NISMO Center Meter (white),

HKS E;ectronic Torque Controller,

HKS Drag Controller,

APEX Boost Meter,

APEX Exhaust Temp Meter

TRUST Pillar Mount,


CUSCO Strut brace,

98 Series 2 Front Lip,

98 GTR Xenon Headlights,

N1 Intercooler Duct,

N1 Bonnet Lip,

GANADOR Electric Mirrors,

RECARO SPG II (2xRed) Original GTR Seats also available,

Apex'i REV/SPEED (blue version),

TRUST Grex gear knob,

MOMO wheel,

NISMO Oil cap,

NISMO Rad cap,

CUSCO Master Brake Stopper,

CUSCO Steering Shaft Extension,

HKS Type 0 T/Timer

ALPINE Competition Head Unit,

ALPINE 2 way Splits (Front/Rear)

ALPINE 6 Stack,

ALPINE 10inch Subs x 2,

BLITZ Blow Off Valves (Removed),

NISMO Circuit Link Castor Rods......

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