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Interesting car for sale on J.spec


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lmao... i was the one that developed that translation software... it takes japanese letters, then gets the syllables that it creates and then compares it to an english dictionary, if it dosen't exist then it prints it as syllables in capitals.

Took me 1 month to make the software break up words and then figure out the various syllables based on the proximity of characters. But yeah, its a tad ghey with its translations sometimes, hehe.

Gayarudo is how the japs pronounce gallardo.

Right now I'm on hols, but when I get back I'll be making a system that works with the live auctions so that it retrieves sale prices, so when our members look thru cars, they can see past auction data and see average prices and other stats that will help them budget n put realistic bids on cars that will hopefully win them cars.

The system we had previously would scan the japanese text from the auction data for preset words like "Skyline GTSt" and then only list that. With the new syllable based word recognition system the entire description is translated, so as a user you get more info.

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