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black paint + skyline == ...


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yeah pva, they annoyed me too..

and memphis... nah im not near midland too much..

for those that didnt notice.. check the bit between the indicators, the text is usually same colour as the rest of the car, in my case white..

its nothing major, but i think it looks good, and i havent seen any other r33's with it :P

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like.. over the bonnet/roof/bootlid stripes?

i was actually thinking about that today..

becuase im having just a few small things done in black, bottom lip of my new front bar will be black, might do it to side skirts/rear bar too, but yeah racing stripes(depending on price) are definately being considered...

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yeah... damnit, im going to have to ring some places up and get a price for stripes now :P

edit: just found out mums work makes them! getting a price for the over roof stripes.. and also seen the new fords with the 2 thin ones down the side skirt? getting a price for that, they look decent too...


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