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R34 RB26DETT for sale


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Here's a heads-up to ACT SAU'ers chasing an elusive R34 GTR RB26DETT.I have it on very good authority that this engine has less than 10,000 genuine kilometers on it(in RB speak-it's only just broken in...).Those in the know will already recognise the R34 spec' engine as a superior RB series to what I have in my car and any of the R33 GTR's.If you're not up to speed,the 34 RB26DETT had different lift and duration on the factory "bumpsticks"-which is one of the reasons why 34's have more Kw and torque straight out of the box over other GTR engines.You can't retro fit these cams to earlier engines;the head had a totally different casting to make the camshafts fit.Plus the 34 block has the same strenghtening "webbing" that the fabled N1 blocks have:much better strength once you start to lean on these engines.This particular engine is a long motor:no turbos or plenum. Everything else is there,as far as I remember. The other bonus,and a reason why this particular RB is not in the normal "For Sale" section(yet...)is that it's here in Canberra right now!It's a good mate's engine,and he's not asking the world for it(believe me,if I had the funds available,you lot wouldn't be reading this now!).Whilst the engine is easily viewable,I don't need a million wannabe engine tuners wasting his time;if you're SERIOUSLY considering the best of the RB26's,drop me a PM and I'll put you onto him.The offer is there:those wise enough to know what this thing is better get scooting!!

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Sounds good but read the rules re. posting a price. As Prank would say, this is not an auction...:D



You're right Ken:it's not an auction.It's first in,best dressed.I'm not the seller,I just hold his mobile number's privacy in enough regard not to splash it around to all and sundry. He really should join the forums,but I'm "it" until then...

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