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R33 rim and tyre - 1 good other questionable

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Hi there.

I Have 2 rims for sale with plenty of tread.

1 rim might not be any good as when the car was on a hoist it noticebly wobbled (may have taken a hit). Most likely the tyre maybe eggd i.e. not the rim but I haven't investigated. So either the rim is bad or tyre, but rim does not appear to have taken any big hits...

This was found when car was at Unique Autosport as the faulty rim made it feel like a possible driveline fault.

Other rim/tyre was fine no wobble

Good for rego if you need a couple of rims with good tread. Also maybe good if somebody wants to have a proper wheel instead of a space saver.





Tread is not a very good brand though. Woodsun or something

$80 for both with tyres

In Sydney

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