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Smaller Turbo?


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Few Questions/Thoughts

Would a smaller turbo create boost at lower RMP's?

I see alot of people putting large turbos on their cars to create greater horse power, and that's nice. I have an R32 GTS-T, I used to drive an R31 skyline with a 3.0L engine with a nice amount of torque down low, somthing which the RB20 lacks.

These days you see alot of newer cars with turbos putting out crazy NM figures like the Astra, Mazda 6 and Ford Typhoon.

I've seen you can put in GTR cams to give a little more down low.

My aim is to find out what could be done to give more bottom end power.

I am trying to avoid replacing the bottom end of the engine.

Anyone else got any other ideas?

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On a stock RB20 it give's a little more lag (apparently). But i'd say with exhaust and the usual mods done it should be around the same.


Other wise physicaly putting a smaller turbo on then stock you are going backwards. If you want low down respone do the usual modification's - getting the engine breathing - exhaust, turbo dump pipe, front mount etc. You can fit an exhaust cam gear this can help with turbo spooling & response as can a tuned lenght exhaust manifold.

How much bottom end do you want ? Go for a ride in a stock GTR their really no decent power up intil around 4k then it kicks in hard. As to compared to a gtst which has a alot more down low response.

Ask SK, about the GTR cams in RB20 :) - Better still do a search their's lots on it



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