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ok guys i be going to hong kong soon and i can can get these at a very good price. If people is interested i can get them when im there and send it over

If i can get 20 people it will be 540 delivered

if i get 15 people it will be 560 delivered

if i get 10 people it wil be 580 delivered

payments can either be arrange in person or via paypal

i have a shop in the city so payments can be made there

group buy will end 31st of january

i be leaving on 3rd feb

so people who ordered will get in on 10th feb

if you have any inquiry you can contact me directly

[email protected]


or can come directly to the shop

level 1 Market City Shopping center

Shop R1-11a hay st haymarket

Note i don't own a performance shop so im not a trader

it just that i have business in other stuff and if people don't beleive me they can come see for them self. Just wanna make sure people don;t think i run away with there money


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