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  1. Hi Ryan I got a Complete R34 GTR non Vspec Diff with Csuco Type RS center for sale if you are still looking.
  2. Kumho KU31 275/35/18 Tyres 95% tread $550 ONO Got a Set of Kumho KU31 near new for sale made in 43rd week 2013, 275/35/18$550 ONOlocated in Mortdale 2223happy to post0449 292 986
  3. Got a Custom made Full titanium Exhaust for R34 GTR, might also fit R33 GTR? Overall in excellent condition Had minimal usage No Dents or cracks No Leaks 80mm flage which is suitable for most Cat converters 90mm Main pipe Comes with Rear Tail Silencer Ultra Light weight Have a Awesome exhaust Note Asking $1950 ONO Located at Mortdale 2223 0449 292 986 happy to post
  4. Got The following For sale. Ikeya Formula adjustable Roll center adjuster lower arm kit for BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34 Great condition no bends Pillow ball type No play in the joints or pillow ball $1100 ONO Ikeya Formula adjustable Rear camber adjustable arm BCNR33 Pillow ball mount No play in the pillow ball Slight surface rust. $400 ONO Ikeya Formula adjustable Front upper link BCNR33 BNR34 ECR33 ER34 No bend or distortion No crack in the bushing $500 ONO Ikeya Formula adjustable Rear lower Arm BCNR33 BNR34 Pillow ball mount No play in the pillow ball No bend or distortion $950 ONO Ikeya formula Tie Rod End BCNR33 BNR34 No bend or distortion surface rust No play in the pillow ball mount. $350 ONO Ikeya Formula Adjustable tension Rod BCNR33 BNR32 ENR33 HNR32 No bend or distortion no play in pillow ball $370 ONO Nismo Rear upper link set BCNR33 BNR34 ECR33 ER34 ENR34 WGC34 WGNC34 HR34 ER33 HR33 S15 S14 No Crack in the bushing No bend or distortion $150 ONO Nismo Front Upper Arm BNR32 and other R32 skylines No crack in the bushing No bend or distortion $380 ONO Location at mortdale 2223 Sydney 0449 292 986 Happy to post.
  5. Sorry the Shifter and rear tail shaft has been sold. I still have the front prop shaft for sale and i'm after $590 ONO Sorry what spacers are you referring to? and I don't have the Cross member bolts. Happy to consider reasonable offers if you're keen on it. thanks
  6. It was removed due to fitting the stock 5 speed gearbox back into the car. You'll need the Shifter, Front Prop Shaft, Rear prop shaft and clutch from the R34 GTR to fit onto R32 or R33 As to modifications the, speedo does plug straight in however, the reading will be incorrect, you'll need to recalibrate the speedo. hope this helps, please do let me know if you have any more questions,
  7. Got a Used R34 GTR 6 Speed Getrag for sale In Great condition No oil leaks No abnormal or girding from the gearbox No clunking from the gears Travelled 65,000km. Comes with Cross member, Release fork and release bearing. Great upgrade for any R32 GTR or R33 GTR This was removed from R33 GTR with HKS GT-SS turbos making 320kw. its 100% working condition. I do have a Front Prop Shaft for sale separate if anyone is interested. $4900 ONO. Located at Mortdale 2223 0449 292 986
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