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  1. Thanks guys Thanks!, no they are GTR headlights with the chrome insides painted satin black and great condition glass covers, not clear though
  2. I have a Bride Brix 1.5 in my R32, it's a little bit lower with just the stock looking bride rails(happy to get the part number for you later, I'm just at work) but nothing extreme. If you want something much lower you'd be best to get some of those super low rails that are on offer or even give the side mount adjustable ones a go
  3. Thanks for the offer, sadly I'm in Sydney Thanks for the help guys, you've instilled a bit more confidence in me lol - ill go grab one on my day off Appreciate the comments and photos!
  4. Hi there, I've been lurking and reading around for a while and decided to start posting My name is Jordy, i drive a Black R32 skyline with an RB25DE in it, it's manual and it's a lot of fun, well as fun as an NA car can get.. Cheers! Edit, that's my car at wakefeld
  5. Hi forum I purchased an SR20 a few months ago and conveniently it came with an engine stand bolted to it, awesome. Now i recently purchased an RB25 engine to start working on, however I've found the engine stand i have doesn't bolt up, and honestly doesn't seem like it could support the RB's size or weight so i've put it in a tyre which is ok for pulling the manifolds and pumps off, but not great for doing proper work to it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a brand or particular tool shop that will sell an engine stand that meets my needs? I've called supercheap, repco and other auto stores and they have all told me that they're not sure if it will work or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  6. I tend to turn my car on, reply to any messages / set Google maps / start music or whatever i'll need before my drive then drive slowly until it's warmed up. Never had any issues, my suburb is full of speed bumps, pot holes and old angry women so i can't go fast anyway lol
  7. Excuse the photo quality, but my NISMO LMGT2's bought them all rashed up, spent some time refurbishing them
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