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  1. im american and can confirm that hell yeah brother part number above confirmed lets build that wall
  2. If you can do it yourself sure, but you want to be sure of what you're getting in that particularly "Conversion Kit" because $1800 won't get you very far if you're buying all parts brand new. So yes, but just be careful and mindful that extra costs can pop up, especially if you want to do everything 100%
  3. Will it work? i mean yeah.. I would honestly suggest freighting a replacement engine, or parts before swapping to de+t but that's my opinion
  4. Car Cleaning Guru has a good video on this on youtube, just take it easy with the pressure washer You also can't wash chewed up wires back together
  5. Straight onto the dyno for a tune then thrash the shit out of it
  6. The gasket in the Nissan Gasket/Seal kit for RB25's is red goo and it's ridiculously strong. I know you want a gasket, the gasket that we, and nissan use however is a goo.
  7. They're different sized lines, so typically won't be the cause..
  8. Put the line in a bottle, start and run the car for all of 1 second, oil will piss out. If you're scared of running the new turbo without a feed for a second just take it off and start it for a sec, easier than taking the sump off without removing the whole engine Generally not, no
  9. Yes it's very close to the fuel tank, getting a bolt or 4 in there (properly) will be a bit of a headache too. Pull off the fuel pump lid and have a look under there to get an idea of what you're working with - I'll give you a hint, it's not very much at all. In terms of drilling into the tank, yes it's a pretty real risk so be careful, or re-consider your need to mount it in that exact location.
  10. Old school, pretty cool - as long as you can rev it like a 20 lol I could be very wrong, but i remember reading RB26 rods and 4agze or similar pistons make it 2.2 or 2.4L something weird like that anyway... That and the older jap stroker kits
  11. Yeah, no harm in changing it/them a little early
  12. Goodness me this thing has shaped up to be an absolute monster lol
  13. As long as you're smart with the parts you buy and do the work yourself that's still a bargain, got mates that can help you? The fact that it was 10k and the market average is higher than that should've been a red flag but eh..
  14. Sikaflex, or try your luck with some 3m stuff. Any really strong option is going to eventually damage the paint. Paint is easy to fix, holes mm not so much - considered pricing up a second bar for this? The bar alone shouldn't be too unreasonable?
  15. Nah you'll be fine, it's be done before for similar/the same reasons
  16. Pretty clear what it is.. Pull the lines off and replace the crush washers/hose with hole in it. You're lucky it's on the turbo side, there's not many water lines on that side of the engine and if it's leaking into the manifold in that way you'd be pretty certain that it's the water fittings on the turbo core.
  17. JSAI, google them/it they are all over multiple forums as being very good. I fitted their gear to my R34 and it was also great.
  18. That'd be lovely! Thanks, as well as Nothing for the time being, I'm going to be floating around the forum but I've been given the opportunity to move to the UK for work for about 12 months so decided to let the car go.
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