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  1. Car is now sold. Thanks everyone for coming along for the ride, it's been fun. ?
  2. Bump, Moving overseas for work, grab yourself a bargain :( Have also added the following since last update. - Greddy Oil Cooler - Replaced all fluids- New Oil/Air and Fuel filters - New Thermostat & Radiator Hoses (nissan) - Nismo Engine Mounts - Nismo Gearbox Mounts - 098 GTT plates in Jap Style I am also going to advertise this on carsales. As it stands $17,500 w/ wing, wheels, stock seats etc etc will also throw in spares that I have. Happy to negotiate if you actually come and see the car.
  3. Not the first time this has happened and it sounds like you know exactly whats happened - Generally comes down to surface prep when using a metal gasket.
  4. Do you not have the information you need to get that? Email justjap, or any other store that sells china suspension and ask for R34 coilovers with the fork type rear.
  5. GTT uses a fork type rear mount GTS uses a bushing Ask for a photo of the rear shock mounting point at the base, pics in my build thread of what a GTT shock should look like here: https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/463470-jordys-r34-gtt/?do=findComment&comment=7837425
  6. Oh wow, you're not kidding about it being ported to within an inch of it's life
  7. I can't afford that, you've seen the breakfasts I eat
  8. Some old followers might also remember I had, and blew up an HKS GT-RS turbo on my old R32, well after clearing out some space under my house I found the old girl and have brought it down to the shed to play around with it. It's looking a little worse for wear, but it's all external. It's blown anyway but the thing is a trooper completing a whole dyno tune without any oil feed.. Jez and I couldn't believe it back when it happened. Anyway, got to work pulling it apart and as I don't have a vice I had to get a little imaginative. So I bolted it to the table and after unbolting all of the bolts it more or less pulled apart.. The exhaust housing was pretty seized on however with some WD40 and a bit of heating up with a blow torch I got it apart. This was really just a bit of fun, but I'm considering getting it rebuilt just because it was so much fun on my old 25.. A lot of people said it'd be too small and while I tend to agree I'm not really looking for more than 250kw because i value response/drive ability over power which is very achievable with the gt-rs.. Anyway I haven't made my mind up, this was mainly something fun to do this weekend.. I guess we'll see what the future holds.
  9. Another good weekend of doing little jobs on the car as well as the shed it's living in! Nobody likes a dark shed so my friend who's an electrician popped by and lent a hand installing 2 more lights to bring it up to a total of 6 fluro tubes, the shed is bright now! Still a bit of a mess, but that's ok! Anyway, so I had a suspicion that my thermostat was stuck open, the car was sitting at just 68c so I replaced that, the thermostat housing as well as the radiator hoses with all new genuine Nissan gear. I knew it wasn't the oil cooler as this "problem" has been around since before the oil cooler but I never really thought much of it. I got a sensor port welded into the thermostat outlet while I waited for other bits to arrive, and even though it's post radiator it could come in handy one day either for a sensor or anything really. Anyway, not much else to document here. I replaced the hoses with Nissan items and brand new worm drive clamps, happy While I was in there I covered my oil cooler lines with plastic tubing to both hide and protect it. Greddy give you about 1m of the stuff in their kit which is handy and you can protect it where it gets near things but I've wanted to cover the entire run of braid for some time now, I'm not really into the braided line look at all. This is the stuff I used, got it from Jaycar, $5 for 2m I also took all of the stickers off my battery as they're ugly. Once that was done it was looking very nice and tidy in that corner of the engine bay!
  10. Careful, you know how GTR owners act, next they'll be welding plates into the middle of their plenums to try prove that twins aren't shit ?
  11. If you're going to remove the intake manifold to replace that gasket i'd be putting a hose kit in it too to replace all of the hoses, much easier while you're in there. That should fix the leak coolant exiting the block.
  12. Ok, sounds like there's no coolant leak glad you can confirm that. It does however sound like coolant is exiting the cooling system and is evaporating which is creating the steam so look for that point of exit.
  13. That's very true, once you pay for them and get them over here you might as well spend a touch more and get the MCA's then you can drop it that magical 15mm too! :)
  14. Have you seen the Raceeng gear? Dropped a link for you below. I've been stalking their website/instagram and have a mental checklist of parts I'd put on an 86 if i ever got one lol https://www.raceseng.com/cascam-caster-camber-plates-toyota-86-scion-fr-s-subaru-brz-2013# That and their billet gear just looks so good.
  15. I have a strange love for 86's and am a big fan of you keeping it NA. From reading this it sounds like you'll be sticking to quality and useful parts rather than following 99% of the P Plater 86's out there too which is awesome. Will be following this for sure!
  16. The Nissan part is: http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/gasket-throttle-body-90mm-suit-nissan-infiniti-vh45de-p-112.html
  17. Turbo is leaking? Leaking what? Sure it's the turbo not just a crush washer or similar?
  18. Spent some time on the car today replacing the Engine and Gearbox mounts with Nismo items - I ordered them through RHD japan as the pricing was pretty reasonable and they arrived during the week. I wasn't overly concerned with the engine or gearbox mounts, however once I got to work replacing them I was glad I decided to do them. This isn't the most fun job but I put some music on and got into a rhythm and it was done before I knew it. I started by jacking up the car nice and high and popping it on 4 wheels. I then removed the radiator as well as all of the intake piping from the passenger side so I could access the engine mount - it's worth noting that the driver's side was much easier and I could reach it with a big extension. From here I loosened off the top and bottom nuts and used a block of wood to jack up the engine off the sump. Once you get the engine high enough the engine mounts are easy to just grab and pull out. At this stage I was happy with my decision to change them. The Driver side was visually fine, however the passenger side had torn in two: Anyway, from here i pulled out the Nismo bits Once that was done and bolted in I dropped the engine back down and tightened it all back up, really not much else to it! After the engine mounts I stopped for a lunch break! After that, I did the gearbox mount - this is again pretty easy, just jack up the gearbox neat the crossmember to support it and undo all of the bolts until it comes out. This is the new Nismo mount compared to what I had in there.. There's not a massive visual difference here either but the standard one felt softer and had a lot of stress cracks in the rubber. From here you just bolt the new mount into place, you can't really mess that up. To answer the inevitable questions: - Yes they feel fine, they are nothing like your friend's china "urethane" bushes and are 100% streetable - No my Nissan clutch fan has not moved up 200mm and smashed my shroud to bits In regard to fan clearance I've had no problems at all, I even run a big fat radiator. If you're running the GKtech fan you might have that problem, but you should really replace that with a stock fan anyway..
  19. Nismo S-Tune were in my 34, fine for the street/spirited drive and are fairly comfortable. Just keep in mind that they are probably quite an old unit by now and it'd be much better to get something brand new. The last thing you want to do is install old nismo shocks and have one die on you.
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