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  1. Thanks for the info. OEM Wheel will also do but ideally looking for aftermarket.
  2. Mine is 94, I believe they are slightly different??
  3. Seeking: R32 GTR Steering Wheel & Exhaust System Hi Guys For my R32 GTR, Seeking a set of: -Steering Wheel/Boss Kit or OEM Steering Wheel -Exhaust System preferably aftermarket (HKS, Trust, Greddy,etc) Located in VIC, but happy to buy interstate. Please let me know if any of you have these for sale?
  4. zaziz

    Hi Guys Sadly I think I have to let this go because of unemployment for the time being. Before selling, I'd like to keep the LMgt4 Wheels, Steering WHeel and Weldina Exhaust, as hopefully I will get another R32 when I am financially more stable. I already got a set of R33 GTR wheels which is on the car right now. But need to find a set of Steering Wheel/Boss Kit or OEM Steering Wheel, plus an exhaust system. Please let me know if any of you have these for sale?
  5. zaziz

    @niZmO_Manlol thanks @GH05Tcheers mate. Bit of a tight situation financially, still haven't found employment within Engineering. Hope to do so quick otherwise will need to let it go
  6. zaziz

    @PranK Thanks mate!
  7. zaziz

    Keen to go on the next montly meet...
  8. zaziz

    Hi Guys Here are the pictures of my R32 GTR landed in VIC. The car comes with heaps of Nismo N1 Genuine Parts, seems like the previous owner in Japan basically made it identical to the N1 car. Very straight body and probably had a respray in Japan at some point (hinting from the gloss paint finish) and a super tidy interior. Please let me know your thoughts!
  9. @V28VX37thanks heeps mate! I will definitely go ahead with a 4-door build. When I do, will definitely start a thread to seek help from you lot. Unfortunately won't be very soon as I just moved to AUS. Thanks everyone for your knowledge.
  10. zaziz

    @PranKhaha definitely Bangladesh. @CoullsyI am outside AUS at the moment. Will take and post some pics when back
  11. @Coullsy, @KiwiRS4T, @zebra Thanks heeps. I was thinking along a 4 door 'GTR' conversion all this while. Just wanted to get more info from you guys! @MarvinsR33 dude I have a 94 R32 GTR in AUS. Like I mentioned in the thread, it is not possible to import these into Bangladesh.
  12. R32 4 door to 2 Door conversion? Experts, This thread is about a project overseas, not in AUSTRALIA. I was wondering whether it is possible to convert R32 4 door sedan gts4 to a R32 GTR? (NOT in AUSTRALIA) If so, how complex will the chassis mods be? The reason for thinking of this project is, it is not legal in Bangladesh to import any cars over 5 years of age. Hence a R32 can no longer be imported. Only solution is HALF CUT imports. Therefore, I was wondering if we can use the parts from the HALF CUT for a GTR conversion? Moreover, wanted to know whether Sedan to Coupe conversion is also possible? Or does it have to stay 4 door? Thanks in Advance!