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  1. 1994 R32 GT-R Tommy Kaira Special Edition 13,000 km's, Grade 4.5B $125,000 Complied, but currently unregistered. Located in WA. Vehicle is still as per inspected in Japan, see here; https://prestigemotorsport.com.au/inspections/1994-nissan-skyline-r32-gt-r-tommy-kaira/ This is my second R32 GT-R - unfortunately my business needs the money more than I need the GT-R Contact: peter@blackbird.com.au
  2. Hi Bob, Hope all is well! Dredging up ancient history - do you still have this, or can point me in the direction of where you found new ones? Cheers, Pete
  3. Got some pic's of the spares included - wrapped to have the original airbox and wiper unit;
  4. For those interested, with the Tommy, was happy to get confirmation on the original service records....Quoting below my agent Geoff from Prestige Motorsports (highly recommended). You have records starting in 1994 (13 Dec 1994 at 6 months old and 569km), then 14 June 1995 at 1,950km, 16 June 1996 at 5,905 km, 24 May 1997 at 7,355 km, 21 July 1999 at 9,040 km, 26 July 2001 at 9,908 km, 28 July 2003 at 10,907 km, 28 Aug 2005 at 11,546 km, 2 Oct 2015 at 11,839 km. So in that 10 years it travelled less than 300 km and didn’t go back to Nissan for any more servicing, just kept in a garage and you can imagine all sorts of situations that may have led to the diminished use then the car finally being sold – perhaps something happened to the owner or their circumstances changed. The latest inspection was done in October 2015 at 11,839 km and the following items were replaced: Engine oil Oil filter LLC Brake fluid Drain washer Radiator drain cock Radiator hose (2) V belts (3) Fuel tank Fuel pump Fuel filter Fuel gauge unit Fuel hose (7) Fuel additive Front suspension upper link (2) Front wiper refill (2) Rear wiper blade Bob, Just took the ADM out for a quick spin - have to excuse, car is filthy.
  5. Thanks Bob! Still the same now - though looks better with the slimline NSW plates! I'll try and take a few shots and upload on the weekend.
  6. hahaha, Every time I take it for a drive, I think to myself, Bob must be kicking himself!! Must kindly refuse your offer! Cheers! Pete
  7. Hmm, probably 12 or 18 months.... Just normal wear and tear I guess for vehicle of that age.
  8. Somewhere around the 6 figure mark....
  9. Hi Bob, I had it in at Galvsport here, had the clutch swapped out for a standard unit, short shifter removed. Aircon is on the blink, they've already looked at it once, but still needs fixing (something with the switching/computers). They also went through all the usual things, made sure all is sweet. Also had some issues with the brake master, unfortunately made the mistake of using a local mechanic who had a reconditioned (twice) but apparently there's an issue with reconditioning those units (leaves sharp edge on sleeve) which causes it to fail again. Long story short, Galvsport replaced it with a later model unit. Haven't any photos at hand, but certainly still looks the same! See below for what the mechanic wrote re aircon. Cheers, Peter I’ve gone about as far as we can go with the GTR, I’ve got everything sorted but im struggling on the Aircon. There is an intermittent electrical gremlin somewhere between the Climate Control Module and the Fuse Box. Under some situations the signal is lost and we lose drive to the compressor. I can manually engage the compressor and get good working aircon, but I cant make it work automatically (which is no good on the road). The reason I’ve not got this totally finished, or pushed further is to primarily get in touch and let you know where we are and also my time over the next couple of weeks is soaked with preparations for our Targa event so id made sense seeing as its 2 degrees outside to work towards getting the car back to you and we can address this after the chaos dies down a bit. I have also got the misfire sorted, we had two issues causing it – One was the coil pack harness that connects the ignitor box to the coil packs, the other was the coil packs themselves producing weak spark (one normally causes the other). I’ve replaced both of these and the car drives perfectly. Obviously buying a set of coilpacks was not part of the plan, however one of the positives is your injectors initially tested perfectly so we didn’t need to clean (or charge) for any work with them.
  10. Didn't even intend to buy another R32, after purchasing an ADM from Bob.... but this was too good not to bid on; One owner 12,766 km HKS muffler Tommy Kaira Recaro seats A/m HID lights, air cleaner Sports clutch A/m fog lights and 17" wheels Cusco tower bar Mbro corner lamp A/m adjustable suspension Remote / TV will come later Sideskirts a/m ? small dent (couldn't see it) Centre console has a small scratch Dash has small glue mark
  11. Hi All, Better add myself to this list. Happy to be the new owner of the the ADM Bob has had for sale. Safely delivered here to Perth on Friday and have enjoyed in over the weekend. Bob did an exceptional job bringing it to near showroom condition. Only thing I'd like to do right now is put back in a standard clutch and get rid of the short shift. Happy new R32 owner here Looks like there has been a few of us lately. Cheers
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