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  1. Recently got my C34 S2 on the road. Loving it and it drives great despite all its issues. However I’m having constant trouble with the ATTESA system. The 4wd light is off on cold start, and the car drives great. After a while of driving after the cars warmed up, the 4wd light turns on. It’ll turn off if the car sits for halfa or so. when the light comes on, there’a a weird vibration under hard acceleration. I do have a wheel bearing that’s on it’s way out but I can’t see how that would cause an issue such as this.
  2. I’m looking at doing a full suspension setup and before getting coilovers I thought I’d see if it’s possible to convert to the fork rear shocks instead. If I get the rear hubs from an r34 Gtt, will these fit my current hubs/the rest of my setup with the fork suspension instead of my current eyelet ones? Also on my er34 gt there is no sway bar, and if anyone has a list of the required mounting hardware that’d be great.
  3. Looking to purchase a steering rack for my 34 sedan. Mines in pretty bad shape. Would be more interested in the entire power steering setup, as I do have some more leaks which seems to be a common issue. Also looking for a new diff and/or entire rear subframe assembly that uses the fork suspension.
  4. https://www.towright.co.nz/product/nissan-skyline-r34-2-4-door-1998-2002-class-1-0-to-1200kg/
  5. I've seen a few posts similar to this, and in all of them the comments are full of people bagging the idea of putting a roof rack on a sling, to this I say, my car my life. I am currently looking to get the genuine roof racks for an r34 sedan, my car still has the mounts on the roof and as I live in the country and travel a lot it will suit my needs. I've been unable to find any and just want to be pointed in the right direction or even want to buy some. I will attach photos of the mounts. The closest thing I've found is an old Japanese catalogue with the r33 ones listed.
  6. I have the opportunity to grab some HKS coilovers to suit a R34 GTT coupe. Will these fit my sedan? If not any way I can interchange some coupe parts in? Cheers.
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