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  1. I’m looking at doing a full suspension setup and before getting coilovers I thought I’d see if it’s possible to convert to the fork rear shocks instead. If I get the rear hubs from an r34 Gtt, will these fit my current hubs/the rest of my setup with the fork suspension instead of my current eyelet ones? Also on my er34 gt there is no sway bar, and if anyone has a list of the required mounting hardware that’d be great.
  2. Looking to purchase a steering rack for my 34 sedan. Mines in pretty bad shape. Would be more interested in the entire power steering setup, as I do have some more leaks which seems to be a common issue. Also looking for a new diff and/or entire rear subframe assembly that uses the fork suspension.
  3. https://www.towright.co.nz/product/nissan-skyline-r34-2-4-door-1998-2002-class-1-0-to-1200kg/
  4. I've seen a few posts similar to this, and in all of them the comments are full of people bagging the idea of putting a roof rack on a sling, to this I say, my car my life. I am currently looking to get the genuine roof racks for an r34 sedan, my car still has the mounts on the roof and as I live in the country and travel a lot it will suit my needs. I've been unable to find any and just want to be pointed in the right direction or even want to buy some. I will attach photos of the mounts. The closest thing I've found is an old Japanese catalogue with the r33 ones listed.
  5. I have the opportunity to grab some HKS coilovers to suit a R34 GTT coupe. Will these fit my sedan? If not any way I can interchange some coupe parts in? Cheers.
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