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  1. in the same boat (lol badum tshh) its hose F on that diagram, took the plenum off to get to it but cant get the hose off the bottom part..sigh edit: or maybe im talking about something completely different.
  2. Name: Aaron Born: 1986 Location: Maylands Work: Mechanical Designer I drive a: R33 GTST, Series 5 RX7 & Mk3 Golf VR6 Cruise/event attendance rate: Minimal lately, due to fifo work. Music taste: whatever Hobbies: cars, track cycling, travelling, scuba diving Might be of use contacting me for: Mechanical or Structural designing/drafting & fixed gear cycling.
  3. sounds like a vac leak, was told you could throw soapy water on the engine bay and ancillaries to find a leak, might be worth giving a go..
  4. taking offers, need these gone by this weekend
  5. Item: 2 piece workEQUIP rims, got with a bit of dish with black centres, 16x8 16x9 5stud +33 offset Condition: 2 good 2 average. tyres are 245/45 all round, rears good fronts just legal. Price: $600 ono To Fit: Any 5 stud. Came off a supra, would fit any 5 stud series nissan or toyota. Location: Perth - Karrinyup Contact: 0433999330 Comments: Selling cheap due to tyre condition just legal, and 2 rims have a bit of curbage. easy/cheap fix at Gomez Engineering. Pic: pic pic2 pic3 pic4 here's an example pic.. and heres the ad this guy is selling it for without tyres in the US CLICKY
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