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  1. They where supposed to have been in the last release of the Colour Dash managers, but for some reason didn't get put in. I have attached a copy of them if anyone wants. Haltech v2.16 0x3E0.cc8 Haltech v2.16 0x360.cc8 Haltech v2.16 0x370.cc8
  2. The MoTeC Display cases are billet. There is a Haltech V2 template in the standard MoTeC templates as well. if you have a custom set, this can be handled as well.
  3. Be Very Very careful when installing this Dash, as the recessed threads on the back are shallow, with the material at the bottom of the holes very thin. It is quite easy to bottom out the bolts being used, and punching the bottom of the holes into the underlying circuit board. When this happens, the screen tends to fail, and the only fix is replacement. I used to sell these products, I had a number of them come back for that reason. I used to install short studs on the ones that I sold to resolve this issue.
  4. Top Torque in Rooks Road Vermont, Talk to Sean or Greg.
  5. Looks like it was too hot when you sprayed, the powder is paint that has had the thinners used to transport it out of the can and onto the part evaporate on exposure to air, and dry out the paint. This makes a powder that mixes with the rest of the paint and goes clumpy like that.
  6. Yep, I have had to change my email address again, I think that this is the third time.
  7. I deal with a number of the high end R35 builds, (T1, Underground, Middle East) for work, and all of them have retained the twins, to go to a large single you would need to make a lot of changes that are not worth doing.
  8. I keep having the Update your email address banner when I login, i have changed my email address, and verified that i am receiving the emails, but I still get the error. Emails that we send to you are being returned to us. If our emails continue to bounce, we will stop sending emails to you and require you to update your email address.
  9. That reminds me, I have some Race Technology Loggers and Displays, I should get them out of storage and sell them.
  10. Having a look at the sensors supplied with that system, I would be asking if it is possible to change the sensors that are used. Those sensors are easily affected by external sources, as they use the engine block and chassis as the return path, and changes to the return resistance will effect the sensors. They also rely on the tension in the connector to maintain the connection, and any movement in the connector can make the connector lose contact with the sensor. The fluid pressure sensors are also prone to fail when directly mounted on an engine, as the internals are not shock mounted, and will vibrate to pieces.
  11. Fkn LOL at Midnight Oil being called One Hit Wonders!
  12. Probably the biggest worry about all of these songs being posted is how many of them exist in my music library...
  13. But he caused the arrival of Miley Cyrus, so that rules him out.
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