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  1. SOLD Wrap it up folks. Was fun while it lasted.
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/Wn4w2 Hosted build photos here
  3. You would need to cut the cage out and get a blue slip. I have a veilside exhaust to replace the side pipes. I would make your own enquiries in regards to rego being possible or not. Also reason I am selling is to invest in an enduro/IPRA car with my brother. Running two cars is proving too difficult and this car is far too nice to go enduro racing in. Check the build thread in my sig it has a gallery of photos documenting the build. Cheers
  4. 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR I have owned this car since 2007 and have converted it into a track car from road use myself. Virtually everything has been rebuilt or replaced, with most of the engine & drivetrain doing only 1 track day after rebuild. The car is very well known amongst Skyline enthusiasts and has rarely been driven hard but is ready to race and is truly reliable The car has the Following modifications: Fully rebuilt engine with forged pistons <1hr track time - Fully rebuilt front and rear diff <1hr track time - Fully rebuilt transfer case <1hr track time - Fully rebuilt gearbox <1hr track time - D2 356mm front brakes (3 track days) - Full tein suspension - Exhaust - Custom race side pipes - Haltech ECU tuned to 297kw - Full steel cage with side intrusion bars and taxi rail - 18 inch Panasport G7's w/ Hankook semis 95% wear - FullRace ETS Pro 4WD ECU replacement and Digital G sensor - Hicas removal kit - Wheel aligned and corner weighted by Heasman's - Oil Surge Tank - Fuel Surge tank w/ twin Bosch 044 pumps (suitable for E85) - Twin Garrett GT2860-7 turbos - Racing radiator - Extended Sump with baffled gates - Full body respray in Calsonic Blue and full livery. Very straight body. Interior cage and floor sprayed in black/grey Less $35,000 ONO. PM if interested.
  5. where did you find the IQ3 for $1100?
  6. What are these worth from AIM? Still haven't got one yet
  7. check out my build thread http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/424389-calsonic-r32-gtr-replica/#entry6832201
  8. Was going to add some shots of my own but this one of my favourite photos of my car! Nice one!
  9. It lives again! After months of hunting down electrical gremlins the car now starts without a hitch. Since last taking it out and breaking the hicas bar, we have replaced it with a Hicas removal kit (highly recommended over the lock bar), had a mini re-wire inside the car, installed a FullRace ETS Pro and had Heasmans give it a wheel alignment and corner weight ready for the track. Many thanks to Myles @fluxelectronics for making sense of the many shit attempts at auto electrics from various mechanics over the years Was great to see all the awesome cars at the GTR festival and was proud to have mine out on display for the first time. Much prefer racing it though [emoji1]
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