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  1. BBS DTM wheels - BBS Japan These wheels were specifically marketed/sized for the Skyline GT-R. I have added a couple of photos from GT-R Magazine 015, 1997 showing an ad for the wheels. They seem to be quite rare, don't see many come up for sale. Great condition with only a few small scratches. No gutter rash. Centre caps are perfect. Wheel size: 18x9.2 ET20 5x114.3 $2700
  2. @Sneaky Pete has your mate finished his 26 7670 build? Any results and/or dyno sheet you could share?
  3. Thanks mate, I've got a set 18x8 +33 and 18x9 (not sure on offset), but I'd like another pair of 18x8 +33's they seem to have more brake clearance than the other sizes. The centres have a different offsets.
  4. Radiator still available, everything else SOLD!
  5. These parts have recently been taken off my R33 GTR and upgraded. R33 GTR wheels - $800 (http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/436157-r33-gtr-wheels-and-tyres/) R33 GTR stock brakes front/rear, brembo calipers, pads, bolts, lines, slotted rotors - $1800 R33 GTR stock intercooler - $200 R33 GTR stock radiator - $100 R33 GTR stock intercooler, intake and turbo piping, twin turbo pipe etc. - make an offer R33 GTR stock air box, snorkel and air flow meters - $300 R33 GTR stock front strut brace - $150 Ohlins adjustable shocks - $400 Photos below. All prices O.N.O. Please PM me. Cheers, Damien
  6. Hi, Could I please have my name changed to THIRTY33 Thanks
  7. Hi, Could I please have my name changed to "THIRTY3" Thanks
  8. That looks good, well done! I just would have made the rear quarters a bit beefier towards the rear end. Custom one-off? BMW indicators suit!
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