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  1. Back in OZ afer 1.5 years

  2. Carbon 34

    videos etc
  3. Carbon 34

    many people ak me where to get plastic dip for wheels etc from usa but I found a local supplier of a similar product and can get trade prices if anyone cares ? they sell some good for hi temp version calipers as well !! comes in 14 colours and can be bulk buy as well South Austrlia
  4. Carbon 34

    The gt classes are from older days in usa as well not just Europe They had mental cars , mostly privateers with little factory backing wasnt the gtr in england in gt1 ? Sumo car ?!
  5. Carbon 34

    A skyline. Dude thats a massive job and wiring will never match up to factory codes You can buy kits from rocket industrie that cover a large amount of stuff for a basic car or race car But to do a line ? Why would you unless you had a new oem harness
  6. Carbon 34

    Good to see nissan in v8 stupid cars But its So restricted to match up to ferd and sloden and not even close to a street car Even holden and ford run old crap for engines not the newer blocks and heads Give me gt1,2,3 cars instead like England runs Or play the game like old days , run what you bring and they put you in a class with pretty open rules till they cant beat you , then they ban you from the class like poor losers Nascars even worse , big babies cant race in rain or on tracks with a few holes or dips , rarely a twisty track either
  7. Scare monger!! Have you seen what a grinder will do , not to mention in the hands of someone who doesnt use one often. Or ever!! Better safe then sorry i enjoy having limbs and a car window Forums assume the person had skills and we all know that is a coin flip Best tools for the job is airsaw or multifunction tool IF you have access to one End of story Why bother suggesting shit to these forums users if thats the BS you put up , would have expected more dan !! ffs Next thing ya know the person got seriously hurt
  8. I wouldn't use a grinder cut off wheel A multi function tool or air saw The grinder makes a mess and is dangerous as hell , grab the dash and flig thru the window or cut you or the car to bits , and throws crap everywhere ! the other two can cut the dash like butter a s cleaner cuts , if you drop it or catches they stop dead the fumes from burning / melting abs plastic can be dangerous or even fatal too so do it with fresh air / mask take a look at a gtt dash hole first its pretty simple cut the line is more or less molded in the dash to guide you ?
  9. Carbon 34

    oh come one you want to spend a month sanding the grooves lol buy a diff front bar lol Do you like s2 fronts , so ford like haha Gutter mesh sounds like something you use to weed out ugly chicks as the pub closes
  10. Andrew any idea of the hotel in vegas ? And LA ? it makes a big difference lol Been there at least 30 times and lived in LA Be good to get a idea of locations first ?? Thanks looks like party ( hangover sema lol)
  11. Carbon 34

    Actaully theyre is a carbon dip. Watertransfer process but not cheap and it wouldnt work on the mesh area Soda blast unless you know what your doing will kill the grill and you need equipment to do it I'd say a spray on abs plastic safe stripper watch then clips those arent abs and will melt !! Or sit on your porch with a cold one and a bucket of sandpaper lol might be easier to source a unmolested grill and save that one for soda and carbon wrap? later on you could always buy a rolls royce grill and cut to fit haha
  12. Carbon 34

    Defectable in carbon ? funny pretty soon all cars will have carbon parts , more every year and not just exotics Slam some kevlar in the mix the thing would be stonger then hell and not crack on impact my body kit is layered in it , its abrasion resitant as well for parking blocks and spoon drain rubs
  13. Carbon 34

    I made a few more variations of the gt badges and some in silver carbon last night so let me shine them up etc and will post up photos all variations so far , not lighter just different , can be backlit if you desired The metal floor mat skyline logo will be a a direct carbon replacement no fuss Doing the nissan momo wheel airbag conversion to carbon And wiper stalks and headlights stalks this is unpolished headlight stalk off 34 iphone photo yuk The gt badges would be a direct swap over restuck with red 3m tape and tiger bond if you wanted them solid lont term
  14. Carbon 34

    Its a form of abs plastic Acetone will melt it And many strippers will too maybe try a automotive paint shop spray stripper ask them if its plastic safe , i would just soda blast it but i have one lol series 2 grill too nice tiny holes haha wrap the big edge in carbon Matte ceramic black or titanuim silver the rest I f**king hate my s2 bar and need my kit on asap
  15. Carbon 34

    After nearly 26 years in pro car audio They fail !! Often , even faster in oz heat the new ones digital as you put it ? Which has nothing to do with it fail less , but a good old resetable curcuit breaker works well too , has a heat proof bakelite contruction as well And ring terminals dont normally fall out And never have to buy fuse at 2-9 bucks a pop with those you need a straight run in and out or the allen set screw works loose on heat and cool cycles or fiddling with the wires Just many better choices for same cost