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  1. Im in Melbourne with multiple batt suppliers.. Almost all have listing for one battery which is too high..! I've tried century, Exide with no luck.. Can you tell me what brand and model?? I Have tried almost all places as post suggests with no luck.. I've recently found Oddyssey PC680 which I'm looking into at the moment on there website..
  2. Hi, Needing a new Battery for my car and noticed that the original R34 GTR battery from Japan is still in the rear battery section, I have looked around at Autobahn, Super cheap for alternate batteries to no avail as they are either too High or terminals are too big.. The current battery measurements are Height 168mm, Width 130 mm and Length 186mm.. I've tried to put a normal battery in there which I ended changing the bracket as it was too short but then noticed the terminal cable lengths to be quite short due to the height of the new battery which was around 220mm.. :-( Is there something other R34 GTR owners have put in as a straight plug-n-play solution or...? Cheers,
  3. When you mean Stall do you mean a heavy miss?? If you have already changed coil packs i would look towards AFM.. and then check fuel pressure and fuel pump voltage..
  4. Few Pics Below from Sunday!! If the weather was better, there would be more but ohh well..
  5. Will post up pics soon from Sunday people..got a few but need to get them from a friend..!!
  6. Terry, appolagies for the delay.. was on holidays for a while... Stay steady on 110 and see if shudder is quite pronounced.- yes it is pronounced.. Then accelerate and/or decelerate and see if it disappears whilst still in 5th. -seems better when i accelerate (goes away) - however when i deccelerate from 110 its still there, also when i put in 4th gear noise goes away.. Then try and see if it shudders again at a steady 120 or 100. - yes it does. Im leaning towards oil/HICAS as yesterday HICAS light came on while on the freeway but then turned off when car switched off... any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Moodles2- Nah Tail isnt sliding out at all.. I disconnected Hicas but removing all the plugs around the diff anyway.. Gach2- Good point..but only happened recently so not driving it as much as i should..and stupid potholes near city is what caused it, trying to get a hold of council to pay damages..!
  8. auto salon was shit, waste of time and money.. waiting for the owner to put a bit more money and hire out exebition centre again as its a better venue//..
  9. Vibration and shudder coming from rear only in 5th gear starts and seems worse at about 2800-3000rpm (110-120kmh) Most noticable on moderate throttle, just before boost comes on, its hard to tell if its there when boost comes on since the engine gets a bit noisier but on hard acceleration it smoothens out.. Same speed or same RPM in 4th gear is fine, smooth as.... only 5th gear any help would be much appreciated..!! FYI- i have brand new tyres put on 2 weeks ago, Done a wheel alighnment with rear camber adjusted and front toe adjusted, also done wheel balancing twice on all four wheels as the first time they didnt do it properly.. the second wheel balance the guy said 3 of my wheels (Front left, and 2 rears) are buckled..not sure if this could be the cause of vibration but i do know that this is why my steering wheel vibrates.. Wheels are 18 x10.5 all round with them wrapped in 265 35's.. Thanks in advance.. B
  10. FLYSKY33-Brinne

    My BBy Blue 33

    R33 Series 2 Gts-T with Goodies! Too much too mention.. But like to keep it real and less original to others like the bonnet for example.. Was the first one in Mel as far as i knew that time when installed.
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