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  1. What an awesome day! I rocked up with both GTRs full of E85 & used 8 jerries full as well! Heaps of passenger rides & some great solo sessions. Even a bit of paddock work out in the middle! Did a PB today of 1:11.9 & a bunch of 12s. Pretty happy with that from the R33. The R35 was running in the 16s so need to do some work there! Overall a fantastic day & as it was raining most of the day in town we were lucky to have a dry track. Thanks to everyone again. See you at the next one. Munro
  2. Thanks, I will look into that. Its just one of the regular practice days ARDC run. Has a few groups running through the day. Registered cars can run in morning session & afternoon session. Non registered cars (like my R33) can only run in the morning session but will get 6 x 20 min goes so I think that will be enough for me. I do not know this track at all so is going to be an adventure! My brother Daniel is hiring a Radical & running in the radical morning session which alternates with the other cars. Hope it does not rain!
  3. I am booked in to come over for the Aprill 11th track day, bringing my R33. Do you guys know bext place to buy E85 fuel near Eastern Creek?
  4. Excellent. Goodbye hot summer. Hello lots of trackdays this winter! I will be there............... John
  5. Do you guys sometimes go to track days at Eastern Creek with your R35s? I was thinking of sending my GTR across soon to attend one. I have only driven there once ages ago, the new extended track looks awesome.
  6. I have had the WR600 package on my R35 for ages now. I quite often drop my kids to school in it, but mostly use it for spirited hills driving. Brilliant mid range & top end power. I am just used to it now but when I take some people in it that are not used to performance cars they freak out! Amazing things these R35s. I have been tempted to keep going (WR1000 sounds nice!) but for the street any more would just get me in to trouble! I have already been told to "go home" from the drags after reeling off a bunch of 10.7s at 134! Hope to go to Temora this year................
  7. I am looking for a GTR front diff crownwheel & pinion ( just the gears - do not need center) 32/33/34 std gears.
  8. I am looking for a GTR front crownwheel & pinion at the moment. Too much power to the front wheels - have broken the teeth off mine! Already have good LSD centre - just need the gears if anyone has them spare after changing ratios.....................
  9. Hi guys, my brother Daniel would like to bring his Radical out like he did last time (later in the day) to do some testing. Is that ok to put a spot in for him or are we full? Cheers, John
  10. Seb has split personality! Not getting to drive my GTR...........................FOR SALE. Driving my GTR..............................................you're #%@$#^* dreaming, hands off! love/hate relationships are the best........... I suppose it must be like living with a playmate. You dont get much hands on time.....................but when you do its totally awesome. hang on to it mate. you know you want to. BTW. What's the changeover price on a lightly modded 2011 model with upgraded headlights & a titanium rear?
  11. Mate I will give some advice. Forget Drag racing with a RWD manual. Come out to Mallala & have a ball with that car. You will not be able to wipe the smile off your face TRYING not to drift on a grip day!!! Your R33 is one of the nicest cars in Adelaide. Absolute gem of a car - I LOVE it. If you really want to drag it properly, get some proper slicks & let me show you how to do a proper burnout!! haha. seriously, come to the next passenger track day at Mallala & stop stressing out about the drags. I will take you for a ride in my R33 then you can follow me....I'll leave it in RWD promise..............
  12. haha. ML. now that would be funny. They are supposed to run 12.9 sec! Martin reckons he got another 100hp out of Keir's CLS with the twin turbo 5.5L so maybe I should let him hook up the cables to the ML & see what the fourby can do! I think the XR6 should be next in line for a day at the drags - has been a LONG time between drinks.............. Maybe next time I take the R33 out I should ask them if I can take the tow car for 1 run - just for fun!
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