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  1. can't you just put thicker washers under the squirters to space them down a little?
  2. You should ask hks what they think about using the rb30 bottom end with the 26 head and see what reasons they say why they don't use it, it's always made me wonder
  3. If it worked well having the smaller intercooler don't you think Nissan would be doing it? that's right they aren't because it isn't efficient. as we all know about car manufactures if they can build something cheaper that works the same they will
  4. any updates on this one? will be good to see what she puts out
  5. now that vl pump is that a turbo pump or a n/a pump as they have different part numbers. also when i rebuilt my rb30 i try'd to source a new pump from holden but pretty much everything engine related is no longer avaliable so i took my vl turbo oil pump part numbers to nissan and got a new pump but i was told it was a common pump ass it was a r32 gtr pump. i don't know if they we're originally or if they we're just revised to that but thats my 2cents
  6. I've seen them on a skyline but the only reason it was running one was it ran on alcohol which runs a lot cooler. they wouldn't work on a large engine car because they just don't have the cooling capacity for hot days in traffic. if you we're only going to use the car as a track car with sustained high speeds and good airflow over the core then maybe, they are not suited for everyday skylines
  7. and as you would know holden v8's and fords use no thread locker on gasket sealer on the head gaskets also all holden engines in production today the head bolts are single use and use no aftermarket applyable thread locker the only engine that does use some type is the gen3 but again single use bolts. rb30 head bolts are single use as well if you don't believe me read the workshop manual. but if your after "tricks of the trade" what have you measured? have you checked that the block and head are flat as they will 99% of the time be why head gaskets leak. you use a straight edge and feeler gauges and the next thing if the manual says single use we replace them it's as simple as that
  8. i probably wont need the 60 psi model but i expect to be running 30psi as i have relatively low compression I think i might go with the greddy it seems the best for the price. the eboost seems to do too much and i don't need all of that stuff. Thanks to all of you for your help.
  9. Hi I'm looking at a new electronic boost controller I'm currently looking at a new eboost 2, 60psi model I'm just wondering what otherr options are out there and around what prices they are. By the way it's going on a rb30 with t04z and tial 44mm external gate. all i really want is good stable boost control with in cab adjustment and pressure gauge i think the eboost2 is a little pricey. what are your thoughts on whats best
  10. your lucky you didn't hydralic lock it and snap some rods
  11. Acl sells heat shield packs which you just bend to fit the look factory style and work well you just drill holes for mounting bolts for them. here is the link for the information page http://www.aclperformance.com.au/prod_heatshield.htm I use this stuff it's pretty good for factory look
  12. does anyone have any idea how much the new one will cost, I was hearing word or it almost two years ago from mark at dat who sold me mine
  13. It really sounds like you need a new tuner, just one idea on your car is with the cat converter if it has no core in there it can cause a vortex and cause back pressure and power loss. I don't think this is your problem though I think that your problem is more likely to be a tuning or sensor problem I dont know much about 2j's except the make a lot of power but could it be a problem with your vvti not advancing the cams as it's meant to? let me know what you think
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