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  1. the plugs are different from 2010. if your thinking about a plug and play option. Thats all i know
  2. i just googled "wrecking 350gt skyline manual" and got 5 hits
  3. Google or ebay for your items. There are is lots of info about the language conversion in this forum. But some Audio shop or import shop in Victoria should be able to help. Some forum members would have all the info you need but they might not come online for weeks or months or ever
  4. use google translate on your phone. it will make finding your way through the menu a lot easier
  5. Also just make sure the Fuel sensor is clean. VERY common that they give a false reading to your fuel gage. E.g if you Fill "to the top" car up and it shows just under the "Full" line then its wrong. Just use a cotton tip to rub the metal contact points on the sensor attached to the pump
  6. https://www.drive.com.au/news/godzilla-is-dead-nissan-gt-r-axed-in-australia-from-late-2021/
  7. Yeah no more coming because of new OZ Safety regulations coming in soon and Nissan doesn't want to upgrade the GTR to. I read this the other day
  8. No tune needed after putting on intakes or exhaust. But if you do get a tune you will get better performance. Sound of the exhaust.... beauty is in the ear of the beholder.
  9. So what's your problem? Are you running out of fuel but there is fuel still in the tank?
  10. Bose audio is an option S=sport, bigger brakes P=premium, full leather seats SP you get both You can Bluetooth your phone to the car. there are videos on YouTube and threads there about how to do it.
  11. I didn't know about "service position" Easy when you know how
  12. I have been wondering how i was going to replace them. Thanks for the link to the vid.
  13. did you check the coil pack again? Some else might be causing damage?
  14. Did the long intake give you a nice sound from the engine bay after install? I had short intakes and only got a very little improvement on sound on my V36. Unlike the V35 "Z tube" intake makes a huge improvement
  15. Sounds like you know what needs to be done
  16. or take it to a mechanic. they can put a scan tool on it and find out what's wrong.
  17. oh... I was rushing when i did the google search 🤦‍♂️
  18. pair phone and audio separately was still happing in 2018 in my q60 👎
  19. that can be cleaned off with headlight restore kits. get them from any auto shop. Some are better than others
  20. you could send Geoff an email at Prestige Motor Sport he was active in trying to get thing changed on the import rules https://prestigemotorsport.com.au/faqs/importing-cars-to-australia/
  21. The Barra is my vote. That's if we are voting...
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