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  1. This seems impossible to find a replacement. It doesn't have a part number. Does anyone know if you can copy one? Next question does anyone have one who can try?
  2. just the rear badges. the front grill would have to be replaced if i wanted to change that. Not to worried about the side badges behind the front wheels. I lined them up with my razor sharp eyes
  3. Last night I took the badges off. I used a heat gun to soften up the double side tape then first tried to use dental floss to cut through. But that broke real quick so I started again with fishing line. Much better. After they came off I used goo off and sticky label remover (orange oil) to soften them up. Longer I left it on there the easier it was to remove. But what worked best was using the heat gun after it had been soaking to then dry it out. I then just rubbed my finger over the tape and it started to ball up and come right off. A little scratch and swirl remover after to clean it up 👍
  4. guys at Autotainment in Perth did mine.(many years ago) They might be able to give you some info
  5. You might have wet the air flow sensor inside the air intake.
  6. Nah. But just so you know a kids car seat can fit nicely it the back. Had my niece in there 👍
  7. Yeah in the "Secret Menu" I'll do that when i install the exhaust
  8. Got a new exhaust coming next week https://conceptzperformance.com/hks-stainless-steel-catback-exhaust-system-full-dual-muffler-infiniti-q60-coupe-17-cv37-awd-rwd-in-stock-31014-kn001_p_32626.php It really needs one. The car is so quiet and has this fake exhaust note coming through the speakers when you get over and 3 or 4 thousand rpm. It's lame knowing that it's a fake note. Friends who don't know about it say "Oooo its sounds nice" I then cringe knowing it's not real.
  9. Wow that's pretty extreme. I didn't know they were so hard to remove
  10. It soooo good. Going from V35 to V36 felt like only a small improvement but going to the V37(Q60) is a massive change. I have that same feeling when i upgraded from my 2003 Toyota Camry 4cyl to the 2003 V35 Soooooo GOOD P.s new number plate yesterday 😎
  11. Got the new car What a huge set up from the V36. I've had the V35 then the V36 and thought that it was a good upgrade but now driving the V37 (Q60) WOW!!! so much smoother. I feels better in every way 🤯
  12. Your local Nissan Service/dealer can help. Some will be happy to help, others are idiots and say they can't. My local Nissan guys can but im in Gero
  13. Yeah there for sale for $20,000 and the rest of the car comes free But you can get them cheaper here from https://www.ozzytyres.com.au/wheel-and-tyre-packages/hussla-alz-20x8-5-5x114-3-gloss-black-with-machine-tips-wheel-tyre-package But mine are 19" HUSSLA SIENNA 19X8.5 5X114 GLOSS BLACK/MILLED TIPS WHEEL & TYRE I can't see them in 19" anymore p.s i had a really bad time with these guys. Wrong rims sent then wrong tyres. Back and forth cost me heaps in time and money.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/285099822710123/
  15. Price Drop again $20,000 Get my new car Monday
  16. My local Nissan fixed my problems i had with the center console. Cost was really high like $1000 just to find the problem and replace one wire
  17. i got mine from SCA. I fitted them there in the parking lot just to make sure they fitted
  18. Does it make any noise at the boot lock? maybe its physically stuck?
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