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  1. No sorry, the parcel shelf went with the shell. Thanks.
  2. Sorry I didn't get much of a response on here and haven't been back for a while. Sold most of the bits on FB. What's left is - Front RH door, $40 Rear RH door, $40 Rear bumper (cut for towbar), $30 Rear bumper iron, $40 Headlights, $40ea Random plastics, from $5 Full front chassis loom (unmodified), suit R32 GT-R, $50 OE control boxes GTSt (RB20DET) OE ECU, $25 GTS4 (RB20DET with ATTESSA output) OE ECU, $25 ATTESSA ECU, $25 HICAS ECU x 2, $10 Other as pictured $ Thanks.
  3. @Mohsen Pictures of the shell and a few other odds and ends.
  4. I have $500 on it but I'll consider any offer. It's not rolling, the front end is sold. The rear end is still in there, diff and axles removed, but these are still available. Parts of the interior are sold (dash and a few random parts) and all looms are removed, only the front chassis loom is available. I missed taking photos of it last night before it was dark, I'll do it tonight.
  5. Wrecking a white R32 GTS-4 sedan (4 door). Also some left over parts from another white r32 sedan. Parts in fair to good condition. Some parts are already gone, here's what remains - Shell, no crash damage, small amount of rust. Mostly stripped (not rolling). Able to be registered. Suit reshell or front cut for a GT-R. $500 Front RH door x 2, $40ea Front LH door, $40 Rear RH door x 2, $40ea Rear LH door, $40 Bonnet, $40 Front guards (pair), $40ea Front bumper (unmodified), $70 Front bumper (cut for FMIC), $50 Rear bumper (unmodified), $60 Rear bumper (cut for towbar), $30 Rear bumper iron x 2, $40ea Taillights, $20ea Headlights, $40ea Random plastics, from $5 Full front chassis loom (unmodified), suit R32 GT-R, $50 OE control boxes GTSt (RB20DET) OE ECU, $25 GTS4 (RB20DET with ATTESSA output) OE ECU, $25 ATTESSA ECU, $25 HICAS ECU x 2, $10 Drivers window control switches, $20 Other as pictured $5 I'll take some photos of the shell and other random parts tomorrow and post below. Strictly pickup from Ringwood East, Vic only. Price negotiable. email twinvl@hotmail.com or PM Thanks, Darren.
  6. Sold - - front cross member - front diff/sump - front half shafts - 4wd hydraulic unit - front prop shaft Engine, gearbox, clutch and rear diff are out of the car and available at short notice. Thanks, Darren.
  7. Yes its still available. Its out of an R33 GT-R but converted to a push clutch. It could easily be converted back to a pull clutch.
  8. Sold a few more parts but nothing to major so engine, diffs etc are still up for grabs. I've now collected the rest of my spares (from a previous white 4 door GTS-t) so I have the following extra parts available- - Bonnet - Front RH guard - Front LH Guard - Front Bumper - Rear Bumper - Rear bumper iron - Boot lid (with spoiler) - Dash board - GTS4 instrument cluster (with torque split gauge) - RH front door complete - RH rear door complete - most of the interior - LH rear door glass - L and R Mirrors - steering rack - headlights - tail lights - original GTS4 mudflaps! Still in storage I have most of the rest of the GTSt also including a complete good running RB20DET (minus turbo), front crossmember and also the shell. The shell was written off with the damage contained to the LH side sill and doors. LH rear quarter (behind the rear wheel is dented but the rest of the quarter is good. RH side is all good. front is all good, rear is all good. roof is good. No rust in the seems anywhere but it's been sitting outside now for a few years and there is some surface rust starting to come though in a few places. Still perfect parts for major repairs. Cheap if you can pickup from Shepparton. Thanks.
  9. The car is being parted so all parts are now available. Sold- RH Front Guard Bonnet Set of RB20 coils (s/h ones) RB20 Igniters x 2
  10. ARAB, pm sent. Blind elk, depends if ARAB wants it as part of the interior! I'll let you know.
  11. More parts for sale after having a dig through my shed. Available now. Autronic SM4 ECU. Bought before I started working for Motec! Comes with comms cable and loom (used). $1200 S13 silvia instrument cluster (SR20DET manual). $50 Set of KTS SC adjustable height, adjustable length and adjustable rebound shocks (front and rear) to suit R32 GT-R / GTS-4. $400 set of 4 King super low springs to suit R32 GTS-t. $100 set of 4 Cusco R32 front strut brace. $50 Nismo Exceedy twin plate 6 puck sprung center clutch and lightened flywheel (suit RB, push type). $500 R32 GTS-t coils x 9 used. $20ea R32 GTS-t coils x 6, brand new in boxes. $50ea Igniter modules x 2 used. $50ea RB alternator x 2 (R34 and R32) $20ea (working but not sure of condition) R32 4 door aftermarket slim line mirrors (white) $50 pair (see picture below) R32 GT-R fuel injector (440cc/min). $120 set of 6. R32 RB20DET air flow meter. $50 R34 RB25DE Neo ECU (auto). $50 R32 climate control unit. $30 Just about every electronics box/amp from an R32 GTS-t and GTS-4 (attessa, hicas, fuel pump, etc.) $Ask. RB20 aluminium coil cover. $20 RB30ET original series 1 turbo block (needs reconditioning), main cap girdle and crank (reconditioned, linished, grubscrewed and wide oil pump drive fitted). $600 R32 RB26 head compete (disassembled). $800 R32 RB26 inlet manifold and throttles complete. $400 R32 RB26 twin turbos, exhaust manifolds, dump pipes and all oil and water lines. $600 RB26 billet aluminium fuel rail, anodized blue with -6 fittings each end and center. $100 Front struts to suit VL commodore. Shortened, koni yellow inserts, adjustable height spring platform and bearing tops. Suit 60mm ID springs. $400 Big brake conversion for VL commodore. Includes - - 330x30mm front brake rotors (VT commodore) barely worn, 95% good. - hat brake conversion hub - Nissan 4 pot brake calipers and laser cut dog bones. - Brake lines - $500 I still have some more parts to dig out that I will post up soon.
  12. Yes, all available. I have spares of these too, so they will be available even if the car is bought whole. What parts of the interior are you after?
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