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  1. R33 Charcoal Canister WTB charcoal canister for R33 GTS-25T S2. Ideally pick up in Sydney and including bracket/mounting hardware. Nissan part no. 14950-21U00
  2. Can you put me down for 1 R33 in charcoal. Will pickup from Castle Hill.
  3. Awesome, thanks guys. The more little things I fix up on this car, the more I'm enjoying it. And cheers Juz. Guess my searching skills can use some improving too.
  4. Bought an R33 a few months ago and it has an HKS badge and a Nismo badge stuck to the back. I prefer a clean look and would like to remove them. Any advice on how to get these things off the car without damaging the paint underneath?
  5. How quickly do they discolour again? Is it annoyingly soon after polishing, or do they stay clear for a useful while?
  6. The market for sports cars hasn't been good for a while... It took me a long time (many months) to sell my previous car. It was immaculate and I wasn't willing to drop the price down to the level of an 'average' example. I think you're doing the right thing advertising online. Monitor the market to make sure your price is right. I set mine too high at first. Best advice is to be patient.
  7. Also recommend Shannons if they'll insure you. Their policy is good and in my experience they're often the cheapest too. When I first got a full comprehensive policy I went through the NRMA. They gave me a maximum no-claim bonus because I'd had 3rd party property insurance through them for a few years on my previous car. So if you have an existing policy of some kind, see if you can negotiate something with the same insurance company.
  8. I'm chasing one of these as well in Sydney. But I need the whole assembly, including snorkel. Any advice on places worth looking for one? Other forums? Wreckers? I'm new to this searching for parts game. Thanks.
  9. Bought myself a Bell helmet from Revolution Racegear last year. No complaints although of course it would have been nice if the cost was a little less. Even though it'll be a bit more expensive, I recommend going to a store and trying on a range of different helmets. Correct fit is very important for safety and comfort!
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