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  1. If you submit another order through Amayama, send a message asking them to link your orders so that everything gets sent to you in a single delivery. I've done this once before with them to avoid paying 2x shipping.
  2. GKTech sell a HICAS delete bar that "has mounts for regular toe arms in the exact position they are in on non HICAS subframes". Regular toe arms appears to mean GKTech or equivalent, not OEM. The implication seems to be that this is better than other HICAS eliminator kits that alter the inner mounting location? I installed an ebay type (TAS Autosport) HICAS eliminator kit a few years ago and have had no problems with it street driving. Noticeable improvement over flogged OEM ball joints as expected.
  3. LOL it is a bit random ???? Maybe someone here wants a relic for their pool room?
  4. Located Riverstone NSW 2765. Have for sale one Ryco Z145A oil filter and one Ryco Z442 oil filter. Been sitting on garage shelf - don't need them myself. $5 each. PM if you want one or both.
  5. PM if you want any of these items! Located Riverstone NSW 2765. Everything complete and in good working condition. 1. Champion RC12YC Spark Plug - $4 Suits many Briggs & Stratton small engines (e.g. 300 series). Has been run for about 10 minutes only. 2. Onkyo AV Receiver TX-DS797 6-Channel - $20 Gold colour. Includes RC-460M remote (no batteries) and radio antennas. https://www.intl.onkyo.com/downloads/manuals/pdf/tx-ds797_manual_e.pdf 3. Onkyo DVD Player DV-SP404 - $5 Silver colour. Includes RC-608M remote. https://www.intl.onkyo.com/downloads/manuals/pdf/dv-sp404_manual_e.pdf 4. Gigaset C470 IP DECT Cordless Phone - $20 Handset requires 2 x AAA 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included). 5. Futurama Calendars - $50 Five calendars. 2006-2009 wall calendars and 2009 art calendar. 2009 wall calendar in original plastic wrap. 6. Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E4400 - $5 LGA775. Includes stock cooler (never used). https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/29753/intel-core-2-duo-processor-e4400-2m-cache-2-00-ghz-800-mhz-fsb.html 7. Billion BiPAC 7800N Wireless Router - $5 Includes ADSL line filters. http://au.billion.com/index.php?files&type=item&action=63&cat=6 8. Lian Li PC-10 Computer Case - $10 Aluminium with plastic front bezel. Toolless design. Includes two small fans. 9. Small Computer - $50 Minimal power-on hours. Spent most of its life in storage. Recently tested stable 24-hours Prime95 (In-place large FFTs). WD hard drive passed full media test (Data Lifeguard Extended Test). *** Operating system software not included! *** Case modified to fit full size power supply. Custom elastic suspension for up to three hard drives. Antec NSK 3400 case with Corsair VX450W power supply. AMD Athlon X2 4850e dual-core processor with Thermalright HR-01 Plus heatsink. Corsair 2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM. Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2H motherboard REV:1.0 with integrated ATI Radeon HD 2100 graphics. Samsung HD502HI 500GB and Western Digital WD6400AACS 640GB hard drives.
  6. I looked into tensioner and idler part numbers last year. Mostly I wanted to identify the NSK bearing part numbers to avoid paying extra for the same parts in a Nissan branded box. Tensioner RB20 and RB25: Nissan: 13070-5L300 or 13070-73L00 or AY460-NS010 (Pitwork) NSK: 60TB0683 GMB: GT90600 Tensioner RB26: Nissan: 13070-42L00 or AY460-NS013 (Pitwork) NSK: 60TB0732A GMB: GT80340 The parts fit interchangeably. I installed the RB26 NSK part (60TB0732A) on my R33 RB25DET. The GMB catalog lists almost identical dimensions between their part numbers. They differ only in overall height by 0.5mm. The catalog also mentions that their RB25 tensioner weighs 390g and is a "single row" bearing type. The RB26 tensioner weighs 505g and is "double row". Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about bearings can comment on whether single vs double row implies a significant difference in durability? For completeness, following are the idler part numbers. Unlike the tensioner, RB26 has the same Nissan part number as RB20 and RB25. I installed the NSK part (56TB2801B01) on my R33 RB25DET. Idler RB20, RB25, and RB26: Nissan: 13074-58S00 or AY660-NS001 (Pitwork) NSK: 56TB2801B01 GMB: No listing (that I could find)
  7. I have some R34 GTT caliper bolts here, brand new. Nissan part number 41005-AA000. Hexagonal head, M14, 1.5 thread pitch. Total length measures 49mm. Head is 9mm, then 12mm unthreaded, then 28mm threaded. The last 2mm of the unthreaded section tapers down to the threads so maybe that should be counted as part of the threaded section? I'm no expert on fasteners. 10mm and 30mm are nice round numbers though.
  8. R33 Charcoal Canister WTB charcoal canister for R33 GTS-25T S2. Ideally pick up in Sydney and including bracket/mounting hardware. Nissan part no. 14950-21U00
  9. Can you put me down for 1 R33 in charcoal. Will pickup from Castle Hill.
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