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  1. I should have replaced Melbourne with North Melb Suburbs. Of course, the closer to the city you get the better it is. We have properties closer which are still going up in rental price.
  2. I work in Real Estate as a Property Manager so if you need some advice just send me a PM, ill see if I can help. Rentals have dropped in price in Melbourne in the last 2 years and also usually take a little longer to rent out due to so many houses being available, gets worse as you move close to new estates.
  3. illblack

    Spotted Thread

    Hehe, that'd be me. I hear I'm not driving an Agents car all the time.
  4. There's a few decent pics on http://gripshiftslide.com/2012/07/18/hardtuned-net-show-n-tell/ Looked like a decent meet.
  5. +1 Chasers, gotten a few things done there. Very helpful guys
  6. No problem mate, thanks.
  7. haha, dinner at Rockpool huh? How many people am i buying for?
  8. Hey guys, just received my member pack, just wondering how I go about my forum access? anything I need to do? Thanks guys.
  9. Hey guys, just became a member of Sau Vic, looking forward to meeting a few of you guys at one of the club meets! Now to get the member access to forums and pop those Sau stickers on the car! haha.
  10. Yeah i just started up cold and the idle was terrible, to the point i thought it would stall. Hopefully it is just the pump rewire.
  11. I am running stock injectors, and I'm not sure about the wiring, when I give the shop a call I'll see what they say. Thanks a lot for the help guys.
  12. Yeah it was done at a shop, ill be trying ot call them tomorrow or on monday.
  13. Hey Guys, I just got a new boost controller, nistune and a walbro fuel pump installed today. Once I warmed the car up and started driving it I have realized that there is a bit of a problem, when I take off the car is jittery? its like the power is cutting in and out, but once I am above 2k - 2.4k rpm the problem is gone. The car is also idling a little lower and a little rougher. If I hold the revs at around 1.5k rpm the revs will slightly fluctuate and even though I am slightly accelerating it will continue to fluctuate revs around 1.5k rpm until i have accelerated enough that it goes up straight to around 2.5 - 3k rpm. Does anyone know what the problem could be? or ever run into this problem? The car was running fine before and has new splitfire coilpacks. Thanks a lot for any help.
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