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  1. Just a reminder guys, that we no longer handle the BC Racing products............😎
  2. Street to Track

    NOTE- we no longer handle turbo sales guys............😎
  3. Street to Track

    Thanks for your enquiry, send me an email with your requirements -
  4. Street to Track

    Hi Guys, GOOD NEWS, Santa has decided to reduce the prices of the D series track pads even more, check out the new pricing on the main post here. Regards, Paul.
  5. Street to Track website: AND email: Hi Guys. Allow me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all members who have placed orders with STT this year. STT is offering great savings during DECEMBER and JANUARY on all products we have access to, here is a small list to start with- DBA rotors, ...Garrett Turbos,... HEL brake/clutch lines,... Intima brake pads, ...MCA coilover kits,... HSD coilover kits,... Yellowspeed coilover kits, ...Hypergear Turbochargers, ...Whiteline products.....and the list goes on. As well as various other suspension, exhaust products......... plus many others. Basically send me details on any brand you want, + part #, with your post code and I will source the best discounts available. Thanks for looking.s Regards, Paul.
  6. Street to Track website: AND email: Hi Guys, check out the new Garrett Turbo product release, and then contact me for the best prices:- Garrett G Series Turbochargers Launched at the 2017 SEMA Show.msg Remember to include your post code for a shipping quote. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul
  7. ............Street to Track website: AND email address: STT is pleased to offer the range of Hypergear Turbochargers at very good discounts. Here is the current introduction - "SPECIAL" offer- Hypergear ATR43SS - Ball Bearing turbocharger, EWG, T3, 0.63 A/R, dump pipe flange, - 530HP SPECIAL PRICE OFFER - $1,680.00 plus shipping. ( regular price - $1,735.00 plus shipping ). Check out the Hypergear products here: Then PM or email STT for a discount quote on your product selection. REMEMBER: include the full specs of the product, AND your post code for a shipping quote. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul
  8. Pricing has been updated, and this post now includes new products from MCA....
  9. Street to Track

    Updated prices are still showing excellent discounts guys.
  10. Hi Guys. It is difficult to find a non-biased article to Brands, and independent articles on brake pad compounds, explaining the differences. There are many articles written by the various Bake Pad manufacturers that are very informative and use that manufacturers particular line up of brake pad products, which is fine. The following article listed in the link below, can be read in conjunction with those. Even though this article I am posting here is a few years old, it still gives some idea of what compounds are generally available, and what effect they have re durability and performance. I hope this can be of assistance to members when choosing brake pads. Particularly when some customers ask me about dust free pads, and, then they also want high performance braking as well, which is difficult to achieve in the one type of pad. Happy reading guys:- Regards,.........Paul. Street to Track
  11. DBA rotors - fit GTR - SPECIAL .............................................................................................Street to track email: and website: I am pleased to offer a SPECIAL on DBA rotors to fit the GTR. NOTE - Special DBA prices are also available on other Nissan applications, just PM or email me with the part #'s you want for a discounted quote. This special for the GTR is as the following examples- DBA T3 4000 slotted front rotors, pair - p#4928S - $412.00 delivered. DBA T3 4000 slotted/drilled front rotors. pair - p#4928XS - $459.00 delivered. DBA 5000 slotted front rotors, pair - p#5928BLKS - $995.00 delivered DBA 5000 slotted/drilled front rotors, pair - p#5928BLKXS - $995.00 delivered. NOTE - these prices can be reduced even more if you include an order for either the Intima SR Series brake pads fronts and rears, or similarly the D Series. Check out the Intima brake pads here: Thanks for looking guys. Regards,...................Paul.
  12. STT is still offering very attractive discounts on these Coilovers.
  13. Street to Track

    Excellent discounts still available on Garrett turbos from STT
  14. Street to Track

    Good discounts still available from STT.
  15. Track-Race brake pads - SPECIAL Street to Track website: and email: I am very pleased to offer this never before seen SPECIAL from Intima Brakes Australia. Prices are available while stocks last The brake pads in this SPECIAL are the range of D Series Track-Race pads. Check them out here: EXAMPLES- They whole range of D Series is included, but here are some examples- Fit - GTR - Front pair - $156.00 and Rear pair - $103.00 with shipping included - ( regular price - F - $259.00 and R - $226.00 ) Fit - GTST & GTT - Front pair -$107.00 and Rear pair - $79.00 with shipping included - ( regular price - F - $229.00 and R - $169.00 ) Some guys are driving to and from the track on these D Series pads, with no issues. Just remember, on the street, to allow for heavier pedal pressure when cold with the D Series fitted. NOTE: The D Series compete extremely well against the Ferodo DS3000 track pads, without the hefty price tag. ROTORS- If you need DBA brake rotors to go with your pads, let me know and I can offer you a volume deal including pads and rotors that is unbeatable...... Try me......... Either PM or email with the correct part #'s you want. Thanks for looking guys. Regards, Paul