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  1. Please ignore the mess in the car. R32 GTR. I Put in a brass gear stick bush. Now an issue. Can you hear Clunk in the gearbox? Lifted front of car and try to turn the FWD drive shaft and it gets about half turn before coming to resistance. Question 1. What is the clunk? Question 2. Where are the 4wd clutches? Have removed the fuse but does the drive shaft still turn? Question 3. Have I dropped something in the gearbox and caused a problem? cheers Bart IMG_1435.MOV
  2. Hi. two options fell Through. nayone got one in Melbourne?
  3. Many years ago after a front end crash I was not able to find a GTR bonnet latch and support strut. now tried to fit a cooling panel and of course it won’t fit. anyone got one for sale?
  4. WTB R32 front passenger door latch Melbourne mine is broken. some online looking for local
  5. If he is happy to come to Melbourne. ?
  6. My ls2 ac delco d585 conversion is great except when one coil packs it in and you can only buy them in sets of 8. Anyone got got one spare coil for sale?
  7. Mt. power steer cap has frayed wires. May cause an issue. Anyone got one? Melbourne? 2year old was playing in skybi now vents are cracked. Need new one. Cheers bart
  8. so what is the rest of it that the cooler is attached to? Is it a replacement evap for the air con?
  9. Current price on six D585 coils? couldnt seem to find it on your web site but maybe on eBay.
  10. Item: Buzzspec suspension for GTR 32 Location: Melb Item Condition: average Price and Payment Conditions: $250.00 ONO Extra Info: For sale the suspension that came with my car when i bought it 8 years ago. I have moved to Tein height adjustables. Buzz Spec adjustable bound coil overs. Looks like Jap versions of current KYB adjustables. The ride height on a R32 GTR was great, looked very mean. One front strut adjuster is not serviceable Bushes look good for their age. Quote
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