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  1. Well, it's been over a month now since I bent my vent tube up slightly, and still having the same issue. As much as I love this blue stuff, I might have to go a different route... I was also thinking maybe the baffles inside the tranny. I'll look into that mobile mobilubeGX. Any other recommendations?
  2. Let me revive this thread. I've been having this issue with my rb25. Oil leaking out of my tranny breather hose. Yesterday I changed my fluid, thinking that maybe my shockproof lightweight had worn out and become even thinner and this would fix it. I also added a small water/oil separator at the end of the hose in the engine bay, like someone in this thread suggested a long time ago. I though this would fix it and it would take forever to fill the separator/filter. Well, today I popped the hood to check on my filter, and... So, after doing further research I came across this thread from '10. Very interesting. One member mentions how having a bent vent tube pointing downwards can cause this problem. I did noticed mine is bent a bit, downwards. I will bend it up a bit as soon as I get a chance, hopefully this solves my problem. I just thought I'd share this in case anyone out there is having this problem. I will report the results.
  3. Name's Andres, from the states, texas to be exact. I drive a 98 s14, yesss, left hand drive, and i like it that way.. I just did a rb25 swap on it and have been gathering a bunch of info from this site, so i figure i say "hi" and maybe stick around, oh and to thank you for such a great site. I've been having a few issues with the rb, recently had to turn down the boost from 10 to stock because i bealive i was hitting rich n retard, took me a while to figured that out, but since the problem is mostly gone i believe that's what it was, guess this crappy ecu's dont like very high flowing upgrades. Im still having a few issues with my afr's, still gotta check my afm and get a new o2 sensor. All in all so far i like this swap but still got to get it as perfect and reliable as possible 'cause this car's my dd and takes me everywhere. I also have all the a/c hooked up and charged, just need to figure a few cables out On with some pix and mod list, everything has been done by me including wiring and brakets. Car's sitting about an 1 1/2" lower now 98 240sx 85mm apexi exhaust am performance elbow/downpipe (originally screamer pipe, but re-routed it into the exhaust, wayy to loud for my taste..) hollowed out cat apexi power intake filter cheap ebay vertical flow fmic recirculated greddy type s bov shaftmasters 1 piece aluminum driveshaft aem wideband bkr6e to .028 walbro 255 d2 coilovers z32 brakes all around, hps pads upfront seibon cf hood z33 base rims