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Buying Another Skyline.. Questions

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Hey all

Im currently selling my S1 R33 GTS-T and am looking for a Series 2 but cant seem to find one privately that i want...

I am now looking at alternatives, such as importing.

I have a few questions...

If i do import, i have chosen Prestige Motorsports...

On their website they say that the price of the car does not include tyres, stamp duty and rego.... would an extra $2000 cover these costs on average?

Also, i am from the country, and rarely travel to Sydney, but last time i was there i seen a lot of car dealerships on Parramatta road with Skylines etc in their yards... what do you guys think of places like this? What sort of prices would i be looking at for a tidy Series 2 GTS-T from one of these dealerships? Any of those places youd like to reccommend? You must understand i cant just pop down there and have a look... but will make the trip if its worth it...

Any help would be much appreciated...

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not sure about the dealershios because im not from sydney...but ive just imported a series 2 R33 and tyres and stamp duty can be done for underl $2k...all depends on what tyres you go for, but you'll need brand new tyres for compliance.

rego including stamp duty works out to be about $1000 for me, but thats in Vic...

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i belive the 2K would cover those costs aswell. and ive noticed prestige prices seem lower then others (looks dodgy, but i belive its not) i also think if you want to get a car cheaper, get them to find you one threw the auctions and not one in there stock.

im not from sydney but dealerships usual charge anywhere from 2-5k more then what you can get them threw import or private but they are meant to give you the benefit of (usauly detailed) less hassle, almost buy and drive away.

but personal id probs import, then when in the country take it to a VERY GOOD detailers so they make the car look brand new... should do the trick

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