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Canon A70 Digital Camera


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I have a Canon A70 Digital Camera...

Comes with:

* 16mb Compact Flash Card

* 128mb Compact Flash Card (enough for 70+ photos on high res)

* USB cable

* Wrist Strap

* A/V cable (to show your videos and photos on a TV)

* Original box, instructions, etc.

Specs are:

* 3.2megapixel

* 3x optical zoom (proper lens zoom - also has digital zoom)

* USB 2.0 transfer speed

* DiGiC processor used in current models

* Good manual adjustment available, as well as standard "auto" mode.

* Takes quite reasonable quality video with sound

Camera is a couple of years old. Picture quality is excellent, and as good, if not better than most cheap digital cameras I have used, even now. Can provide sample shots.

With a good set of LiMH batteries, I get about 50 or so shots and several days continuous use.

As expected with a camera a couple of years with good use, has a few *minor* scratches on the case, and the viewfinder screen. This is not too bad or effect viewing.

The only slight fault it has is that occassionally the ccd may flare out weirdly. Tapping the top of the case it goes back to normal. Only does this rarely, and has for 12 months or so without getting worse.

Asking $130 inc post anywhere in Australia




Here are a few scaled down sample shots...




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