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Bov Problem


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gday all

i own a r32gtst 1993 model

The bloke i bought it off had a modified 2001 wrx bov on it from GFB

this worked fine untill i fitted a blitz front mount (fitted it myself).then when i drove my car the bov wasnt working instead the air was going back through the air filter.i have now replaced that bov with another GFB bov meant for my car but the air is still venting out of the air filter.

Has anyone out there had this problem?

does anyone have this setup blitz fm, GFB bov (stealth fx) and

had this problem?

any help would be much appreciated as it is starting to piss me off. :):)

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maybe the bov is done up to tight and when ya throtle closes the presure cant lift the bov, should be a screw or something on the bov wich controls the tension of it??

i dont think the wrx bov would of made a difference to what car its on as it was probly only the adaptor that is meant for the wrx??

not sure though...

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http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...topic=91957&hl= this thread is the same as your query search is your friend

youl always get reversion with an aftermarket valve. unless it a twinchamber or seqential one

the dodgy plunger gfb/tsmart are very tempremental on light boost trailing throttle

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