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17x8" +35 Offset On 33 Gtst

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Easily fit... fronts wont be close to the gaurd, nor will the rear in my opinion... ie, you wont need your gaurds rolled... You can run 235 on the front so you dont scrub, and 245, possibly 55 on the rear...

I run 18x9 +30 all the way round, front is the one that gets the closest for me :mellow: back is close but doesnt need rolling

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I normall run

17 x 8 +32 with 235 tyres -f

17 x 9 +38 with 255 tyres - r

I was sorta thinking about running the 17x8 +35 wheels since my tyres are low, but I didn't know whether they'd scrub etc.

So if we compare these wheels to the wheels that I have at the front, what would the 3 offset difference be? e.g. would it be further away from the hub, or closer to the hub?

Thanks jase

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