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Rb25 Turbo Installed On The Rb20 Today


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had my rb25 turbo installed today but it lagged alot, so i got it home and put the rb20 actuator on and it is around 7, 7.5 psi, before it was 5psi with the rb25 actuator, i have read alott saying this will work, is the psi ok for this,will i lean out with this psi? thanks

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ok, well rb25 actuator should be 7psi stock..

rb20 should give you 10psi stock, and that is what it gave on mine.

You are running aftermarket dump pipe, cat, and catback right? A restriction in there will stop you developing 'full boost'

It's quite possible you have a boost leak or something like that.. causing boost to bleed out somewhere, and resulting less in low boost levels. This will also cause your turbo to work harder/heat up to give that small boost level, which is not a good thing. So I'd check it out fully before going to nuts on it.

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rb25 actuator is 5psi actually.

the rb25 has a ecu controlled boost control solonoid that bleeds air to reach 7psi.

wizard2k (Josh) on here put an RB25 turbo onto his car, no real difference in spool at all, just the RB25 turbo pulls a little harder.

so you have must have a problem somewhere.

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