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Hey guyz hope u can help me!!

got an r32 rb20

bout 2 weeks ago was coming out of a car park and accidently kinda mounted a curb and since then when i build up boost say like 5psi i hear this high pitch sqeel like air is escapin ... sumthing along those lines...

jacked up the car... noticed that i also dinted my front pipe in the process... no crack or hole tho... lucky....

so could that force of the knock damaged it that bad???

i was thinkin maybe the knock move the turbo up, and the gasket or stud broke

any ideas... coz i cant drive this thing like a gradmar any longer is killin me...

(by the way about 6months ago i changed the exhaust manifold stud bolts and gasket coz i had another similar leak) but this leak is much louder..


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Well... the dump is connected to the turbo, which is connected to the exhaust manifold. You could have a crack or gasket leak anywhere around that area. Check the seals by putting some soapy water over the gaskets and looking for bubbles, look for cracks in the turbo (remove heatshield) and exhaust manifold. Check the wastegate actuator and piping too. Good luck!

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