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R32 Head Light Bulbs

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Sorry if this has been covered but I've searched and found nothing.

Does anyone know where to get the projector bulb in a set of R32 headlights. I've upgraded to GTR headlights and one of my bulb had blown.

I've been to Super cheap and repco, looked through OSRAMS catalogue and I can't fine the ones I need.

The bulb is a 2 pin single fillament but with the same base shape as the single pin that the normal head light bulb usues. The origional bulbs were 3 pin double filament.

Attached is a borrowed picture and I'ce circld the bulb I mean


O and if anyone knows a part no for it tat would be even easier then.


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The Bulb itself should be marked eithe H1, H3, H4, H7, H3C etc.... once you find that marking, you buy the replacement globe :(

It should be that easy. The bulb is marked H7 but I've been to Supercheap and repco as well as checked out Osrams catalogue and their H7's are different. the base is a different design to the skylines one.

I'll just end up modifying a single point single filament bulb to work.

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