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Kit's Dont Line And Fit.

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I got a simple kit for my car and noticed it doesnt line up!.

First off is a front lip for an r34. Supplier's got me a non-turbo version (no clearance for standard bar intercooler duct) When i specifically asked and paid for a turbo one. He sez i can wait another month for him to get the right one in or i can easily get it modified to fit. Means more $$?..

Second is the side skirts, i put it up against my car and it seems too short. It doesnt sit in poperly and doesnt line up neat.

Last is the rear aprons that wraps around on the side quarters of the rear bar. This one is too long!.. it sticks out and leaves a half inch GAP!

Can all this be modified without a hasselhoff?. or should i try returning them.


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Is this a genuine kit or cheap copy.I got a genuine Uras kit for my S15 and it was perfect.I've seen copies that fit just like what you described.Funny thing is the money you save on buying a copy you end up paying to the panel beater.

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this is such a common place buying flopped (copied) kit's that don't fit its happened to me and some other people i know. But hey thats why those companies supply full kits for $650,you get what you pay for hopefully you can find a decent panel beater that wont charge u an arm and a leg to fix good luck

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