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Fs: R33 Skyline - Gts-t


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Item: Nissan Skyline, R33 GTS-T Series 1 (1993 Model).

Location: Southside - Brisbane, QLD, AU.

Item Condition: Excellent Condition.

Reason for Selling: Wanting to upgrade.

Price and Payment Conditions: $18,000 ONO.

Contact Details: Please PM me or reply to this post.

Extra Info:

- RB25DET Engine.

- 5 Speed Manual.

- 2 Doors.

- Sports Racing Steering Wheel.

- AVIS White, 17" Rims.

- Turbo rebuilt & high flowed approximately 3,000k's ago.

- New braided lines have been installed when turbo was re-fitted approximately 3,000k's ago.

- New Bosch 040 fuel pump.

- Full 3 & Half inch nismo racing exhaust system (catalict convertor is not nismo).

- Brand new hybrid intercooler (600x300x76) & pipping kit. This has not yet been fitted.

- New 400R front bar. Just recently been made & sprayed. This has not yet been fitted.

- Apexi AVC-R Boost controller.

- Currently running 10PSI. Have set the 2nd map to 13PSI (rarely ever been used)

- Producing 257hp at the rear-wheels.

- Interior in perfect condition.

- Autometre 35-PSI boost guage has been installed into a 2 guage pillar.

- Ridium spark plugs replaced the previous spark plugs in it approximately 2,000k's ago.

This car has been properly serviced & tuned by Milanco here in Brisbane.

All work carried out on the car (turbo re-fitting, braided lines, apexi avc-r install) has been completed by Milanco.

Car has been properly serviced every 5,000 - 7,000k's.

This car is running in perfect condition. Its a regretable sale and I don't want to sell it as it's been a excellent project to work on so far.

Please see pic's below. Contact me by sending either a PM or replying in this thread.

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