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Anybody Using These Oil Drain Valves On Their R33?


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Hey guys..

Just wondering if anyones had any experience with these. They take place of the sump plug allowing you to open it easier. http://www.fumoto.com.au/

Im now dropping my oil every 5000kms and thought these might just make it that much easier, plus theres no chance of stripping the thread etc..

Is anyone actually running one of these systems on their R33 GTST by any chance?

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Two probs that I could think of:

1) It's pretty big... it could become the new "lowest part of your car" and get sheared off on a speed-hump or if you bottom out on a street or something.

2) You won't be able to drain it when the motor is still hot... that thing only opens with human hands, and when I drain my oil, it's usually still pretty damn hot.

Otherwise, it's a great idea... everyone hates leaky sump plugs and having to change brass washers every 3 services!

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These thing's pop up on a forum from time to time.

Whats so hard about putting a spanner on the sump plug? You've got to get the car up in the air anyway, which is the hardest part.

My three reasons for not spending the money.

1) 12 years of car ownership and i haven't had a leaky sump plug

2) I don't know how many oil changes and i have never bothered replacing a copper washer as ive never had a leak

3) As above and i have never stripped a sump plug.

And i bet my 14mm spanner was cheaper than the valve and has a few more uses :)

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