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Rb25 Turbo On Rb20 Upgrade Problem!


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I just replaced the standard turbo on my RB20 with one from a R33 S2.

Everything bolted up fine except for the flange on the compressor side, (the triangular one with three bolts). The flange on the pipe from the R32 is slightly different to the flange on the R33 turbo.

Is this a common problem i just didn't read about anywhere??

Can i use the pipe from the R33? Will this line up with the rest of the R32 piping? Or will i need to make something custom up??

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If you dont have an r33 one it will be quicker and cheaper for you to get one made. I knocked one up out of a bit of 3mm plate steel, a 2 inch 90 degree bend and a 2-2.25 flare in mild steel. Took me all of 2 hours from start to finish.

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