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Priming Oil System Rb26


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hey guys,

I havent started the engine for about 8 months. and was wondering how i can go about to make make sure the system is full of oil before tyring to start it.

Ill be adding an oil cooler, and was thinking:

1. fill the oil filter with oil, and then screw it on

2. then pump oil into the oil cooler lines, fill the cooler core with oil and bolt the lines up to the cooler.

3. unplug the ignition (so the engine doesnt start) and crank the engine a few times to get the oil flowing to the bearings and head etc.

would that be enough to prime it properly? i dont wanna kill the bearings etc incase they dont get oil for a few seconds.

I was also going to flush the system using cheap thick oil and changing the oil filter, would it be a bad idea to use thick oil when starting her for the first time in ages?



p.s would turning the engine over show a reading on the oil gauge once the pressure is up???

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Just remove the fuel pump fuse. You can then crank the engine until you're blue in the face, safe in the knowledge that it won't start.

As soon as the oil pressure gauge shows you have oil pressure, then it's safe to replace the fuse, and start the engine.

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Resisdual fuel pressure in the lines will possibly allow the car to start for a few sec, if you remove the pump fuse only.

Best method is disconnect the CAS plug.

Its easy to get too, and is the best method because the motor will crank but with no spark or fuel.

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