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Hey fellow wagoneers,

as you all know i got my S2 stagea a couple of weeks ago, but i still cant work out how to check the auto tranny fluid level?? Also does anyone have an english version of the maintenance manual, & where can i get one.



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The dipschtick is on the drivers side at the rear of the motor directly under the brake lines that run across the firewall.

I always check with motor running - run the auto selector thru all positions (if checking when cold) then leave in Nuetral .

Remember there are two sides to the dipstick - cold on one and hot on the other.

Wipe stick and redip about ten times cause you cant read the thing. If you find it easy to read because the oil is a nice colour, then it is probably burnt and needs changing asap.

Avoid the temptation to overfill for good measures as too much oil pressure is bad for the seals.

That reminds me of a joke...

...this seal walks into a club...

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the drivers side of mine has another little compartment that you can open to see what looks like the power steering resovoir. It has oil in it, & its a bit hard to follow the pipes, but i'll take a better look & some pics tomorrow

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Power Steering is definitely in the engine bay, close to the pump.

Open the lid and have sniff. Better still, stick your finger in and have a taste.

Maybe it feeds oil to the wheels so you can easily smoke 'em up!

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