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  1. I just bought two second-hand pairs of struts, one pair each for the bonnet and boot, from SSS Automotive in Girraween (NSW). Hopefully they’re still in decent enough condition.
  2. I wish mine was a Golf R Wagon - they announced it as an official addition to the range about 6 months after I'd bought mine... Mine is an R-Line (an option pack you can get on the Highline-spec Golfs), so it's got a lot of the Golf R and GTI features (15mm lower suspension, Dynamic steering, R steering wheel with paddle shifters for the DSG, black headlining, black/grey interior, different front bumper, rear spoiler with winglets reaching down the side of the rear windscreen, 18" wheels with Bridgestone Potenza S001 tyres, etc.), but it's only a 1.4l turbo with FWD. Still, it does alright for what it is - has heaps of low-end torque and uses barely any fuel, especially compared to the Stagea. I think I'm averaging about 780km per tank - tank holds 50l, fuel light comes on at around 45l.
  3. Many thanks to Sammi-d and the other Execs for putting on another fun - and relaxed - meet.
  4. I'm keen, will have to see how I feel later - been a bit up and down with my health the past few days.
  5. Spotted today, a silver s2 C34 with the plates "98STAG" - not sure if it's the same car I often see (and make note of here) on Wentworth Avenue in Pendle Hill, but it was in roughly the same spot and most likely the same owner.
  6. Forgot to mention that on Wednesday afternoon (1st of March) I saw a wine red M35 AR-X on Third Avenue in Blacktown, heading towards Sunnyholt Rd just before it went under the railway bridge.
  7. C34 s1 and s2 will both be the same, and finding standard ones (or getting them sent to you without breakages) is hard enough, let alone finding different available options - assuming they even exist in the first place!
  8. I wish I had the manual subframe in mine - these babies came up for sale a few years back and I was soooooooo tempted to buy them as RE30s are amongst my favourite wheels. Unfortunately, the rears stuck out of the guards and the tyres would have rubbed on every bump.
  9. Nathan, I saw that Facebook post last night and tried to comment and link with a photo of my car with the V35 wheels on it to prove that they do fit, but for some reason Facebook wouldn't let me reply and/or attach a photo of my car. Good to see you've got it sorted, and that it was something so simple. Anyway, here's a pic for reference:
  10. Yep, I'm guessing because your car is white, a slightly darker colour would work well. I've never been a fan of black wheels, though - what's the point in having or buying nice new wheels if you can't see the detail in them.
  11. They will look great on your car, I've got them on mine
  12. Would also love to know this, as I have PS3s on my Stagea and love them.
  13. Remember that old (NZ???) speeding ad with the silver M35 about to crash into a Subi Forester pulling out of an intersection? I just saw it here on TV, and both cars have magically received NSW number plates on them!!!
  14. Spotted a GMG R33 GTSt (rego 94-GTST) yesterday in the car park in Winston Hills shops and was following it along Caroline Chisholm Drive, then Powers Rd, then Station Rd until I turned off into my street to head home. I was in my white Golf wagon
  15. CoverCraft have been making covers for years, and they have a variety of materials for different applications depending on your requirements. Might be worth giving them a call.
  16. On Friday night around 7pm, I saw and followed a white s2 C34 along Richmond Rd between Blacktown and Plumpton, where they turned into the 7/11 servo right near Plumpton Hotel.
  17. If you can two pairs of fronts, it might work. If you get two pairs of rears, they might be too wide.
  18. The "N" in most Nissan chassis codes means AWD, so any AWD R34 is ENR34, any AWD R33 is ENR33, etc.
  19. It is. By the way, when people say 6" or 6.5", they mean the same thing. Depends on how pedantic the person saying it is.
  20. I've never had a problem in the Stagea, Terry. Another spotting: this afternoon at Seven Hills Centro shopping centre, a gun metal grey R32 GTSt with TE37s (or similar) on it. Sounded nice, too.
  21. I've gotta figure out why my passenger side mirror is loose. Any drive I take, the wind pushes the mirror in slightly, and it's at a point where the power motors can't fold it back out again. Not sure if there are gears in there or springs to hold it in place, but something isn't working as it should...
  22. Friday night outside Aldo's Pizza in Richmond, I spotted a beautiful dark silver (not GMG) R33 GTS-t coupe on black wheels, rego CHP-33V. The driver parked behind my car (the white Golf wagon), went inside and picked up his pizza order, and then left.
  23. I recently put a set of these in 225/40/18's on a car, and the cheapest I could find for that size was $207ea at Bridgestone in North Parra. Might be worth giving them a call if you haven't already bought these since your post.
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