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R33 Gts-4 Sedans

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Hey guys..... i was just thinkin about buying a r33 gts4 sedan and putting an rb26 in it. Ive tried searching the classifieds to buy one but cant find any? so i was just windering hoe hard would it be to find one here or should i try and import one?

thanks guys...

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I haven't seen too many R33 GTS4 sedans around the general classifieds. I mostly see R32 GTS4 sedans around. If you cannot find one that meets your spec, you may need to import, or look interstate.

Or maybe someone on SAU will sell you one? Don't forget to check classifieds here regularly too!

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hey mate thanks for the info... yeah i often check the classified here but havent seen a 4 door just 2 doors..... this idea of puttin an rb26 in it keeps growing on me aye and cause there the only 33 i like :)

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