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Ended**r32 Skyline Gear And Hand Brake Boots


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have on offer bulf buy of nissan skyline r32 hand brake and gear boots. Have to have 15 or more to get the discount price of $48.99 + del charges.

THE STEEL WIRE ALREADY INCLUDED NOT LIKE THE OTHER'S U HAVE TO TAKE THE WIRE OFF THE OLD BOOT. made by genuine leather, black only , fits perfect replace the old crappy.

Here is a pic of the items. Let me know if you peeps are interested and i can organised it. thanks for looking aaron



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Read the group buy rules please and update your thread with the nessesary information otherwise it will be closed.

hi sorry blitz

yeah people wanting to purchase del cost depending on where you are located but if in sydney can be picked up in the campbelltown/liverpool area. RRP of this range from $65 - $75 + del....the co is megaloaauto and they are located in perth.

Think thats all i need to include?

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kool now need 6 more maybe 11 peeps!



3)MARK R33

4)Benm (maybe)






10)toasty added

Iam going to wait for the other gear boot to be sent to me and then am closing this group buy...want to see if they do get it right first before placing an order in. Will keep you guys posted. thanks aaron

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Got mine delivered today and they look really good ahve yet to fit them on my car will post as soon as i have a chance.

hmmmm tried to fit gear boot today have yet to try the hand brake one as have to take out console bit out.....slight prob the wire shape was on the wrong way! they stitched it the wrong side...have contacted the supplier and they sending me another one..hopefully will be on the right way...so people who wanted one ill keep you posted if i get the right way this time!

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