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R33 Leftovers

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Here are the parts, all are available separate and are negotiable. Everything works, is in good order and is cleaned and ready for you.

The RB30/25 is already sold.

Speedo, Tacho and all that jazz (showing very low kays) - $50.00

A/C "radiator" (I think its called a condensor - the thing that sits at the front) $40

A/C compressor, lines and all that stuff (no gas of course) $20

Heater box from behind the dash $20

Ashtry (with woodgrain for some reason) $whatever you like

RB25DE Computer . $40

Full R33 2 door dash with vents (no cracks, looks fine) $50

Glovebox $20

Surround for cluster $20

Kick panels (both sides) $20

Steering arms from both sides (with stock suspension in good nik - no leaks) they are 4 stud though) $100

Induction pipes/air box (whole thing) (suits turbo car or NA) $100

RB20 AFM $80

Radiator in A1 condition (no bent fins - same as a turbo one) $50

All plastics from around the front of a 33 (wheel arches and splash gaurds and stuff) $20

Brake lines (all of the metal ones) $20

Also have a VL N/A head, enjoy that as your new boat anchor!!! This is free to a good home .

Any questions you can PM or mail me.

***Also I have two RB20 turbos.****

One is a genuine low kay Rb20 turbo thats never been overboosted, the other has a chipped blade....

Good one - $150

"bad" one - offers around 50ish :D

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Just after the air conditioning line from the compressor to the front condensor cylinder.

pm me

delivered to 2486 :rofl:

Also lower rear left hand control arm if you have it.

Hey mate,

No worries, I've both those bits and will pm you later on. :)

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